Planting plums – selection of planting materials, space and planting scheme

Landing slive

Before to plant on the plot of drain, should take into account biological features of culture.

Some varieties are self-fruitless, so one tree is not enough.

Next you should put more and samoplodnye grade.

By the way, and he will give a bigger harvest if the tree is a pollinator.

Planting material for planting plum

One of the specifications of the plum is its ability to sprout. It is mostly propagated varietal culture to maintain their elite performance.

Another method of reproduction – budding «points», which are grafted onto shoots.

Sometimes used method of propagation (green). But it is undesirable because it leads to vyrozhdennoi varieties.

The same can be said about seedlings grown from seed. The only plus – there is still a «culture».

The choice of landing plum

Drain – the plant is undemanding in the selection of the soil. As long as it was more or less fertile.

But there are varieties that do not survive in sandy soil (as, for example, «the Hungarian ordinary»).

The ground must be relatively moist (with a low groundwater table). This culture, though moisture-loving, moisture but does not tolerate. But more or less resistant to drought.

When selecting a location for planting plums should prefer the open raised portion (not grayed out), but protected from drafts.

The scheme of planting of plum on the site

Before determine the zones for planting of plum, need to know what varieties there are to grow tall, low growing or coppice.

For coppice and tall sizes are the same: under each tree is given an area of 4×5 m. the Diameter of the hole is 1 m, depth 0.8 m.

Low growing space you need smaller 3×4 m. of Course, other parameters: diameter – 0.5 m, the depth of the well is 0.4 m.

Planting time and soil preparation

Plant plum best in spring, it becomes rooted for a long time and when you fall the landing will not be ready to resist the winter cold.

3 weeks before planting trees dig a hole the right size. The earth excavated from it, mixed with manure. And then the data is covered with soil planted tree.

Geographic limitations

Plum – culture is thermophilic. Therefore, when choosing varieties for your region

Landing slive

it is necessary to consider the ability to resist frost.

Most varieties feel comfortable in the district of the Moscow region and the regions located to the South.

In the Northern cold lands to take less risk, the choice should be stopped on the sort of «Tula black» or cultivate – Chinese or Ussuri plum.

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