Planting Phlox and care for them

Elegant appearance, color variety and uniqueness of Phlox makes them indispensable in the process of registration of any flower beds.

Inflorescences differ splendor and delicate flavor appeals to many gardeners.

Despite the fact that the birthplace of Phlox Northern region of America, they have successfully adapted even to the icy winters.

And yet, as must be performed correctly planting the Phlox and that you need to consider care?

Better and more beautiful look Phlox groups, they can also be combined with other plants such as Hosta, irises, and various conifers.

As for the place, the best will be closed from the wind plot. It is desirable that the place was located on the East or West side of the house.

In summer, you need to provide moisture to plants. In winter it is advisable to on the site was a lot of snow that protects plants from freezing, as it is not always the Phlox survive until spring due to the severe frosts.

Also to the planting of Phlox was successful, you need to think that the flowers did not get direct sunlight as they can fade and lose its beauty. It is best to plant them near a Bush or tree. Although in this case flowering will be less abundant as we would like.

Planting Phlox should only be performed into soil with a little loam. The root system of plants is not large, so you need to dig the soil to a depth of 30 cm.

When fall tillage is necessary to make fertilizer on a mineral basis and ash. If the site soil is heavy, rich loam, add river sand.

In the presence of the sandy soil make the clay in powder form. If this is ignored, the intense heat can simply kill the plants.

Planting Phlox is produced by dividing the Bush, cuttings, layering roots and seeds.

Even if the flowers are in the flowering stage, the transplant will take easy, but if the root system will be in the dirt. In principle, difficulties in the cultivation of Phlox no. Plants are planted in spring, summer or autumn.

Care is regular watering, loosening the soil and fertilizing. In particular, spring to make urea, nitrophosphate, in the summer, after the flowering ash.

All fertilizers are recommended in the aisles or barstock. To prevent formation of soil crust experienced growers recommend mulching, which is a kind of protection from drying out.

As mulch shall be allowed to use pine needles, dry grass, peat litter. To prolong the flowering by pruning dying flowers.

planting Phlox

It requires frequent watering, because dry soil can kill the plants. Need to be watered at the root, eliminating contact with the leaves. If the weather is hot, need to be watered twice a day.

Signal for transplantation will be the reduction in the size of the flower. Bush dug and divided into several fragments that are seated. This approach will help to obtain larger flowers and make the blooms more abundant.

Remembering all the above points and applying them, you can get unique, gorgeous and colorful beauty in the form of Phlox.

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