Planting perennial primrose and care for her

Planting primrose perennial

With the arrival of spring, the first flowers appear.

Bright colours can please their flowering for a long period of time.

In the list of early flower is the primrose, which is also called primrose.

This plant is not afraid of even night frost, and the tender leaves and buds in a hurry towards the spring.

Primula refers to garden plants and has many different shades. The flower is not a capricious and if he liked, so worth it to plant in the flower bed. So, what is landing primrose perennial and further care?

Like any other plant, Primula has its own typical features which depend on the early, beautiful blossom.

The landing site selection of primrose

Despite the fact that the flower is considered the solar, it does not tolerate direct sunlight. Primrose prefers partial shade, for example, she will grow under the canopy of trees.

As for the soil it must be loose. Otherwise, the plant will delight flowering. The soil should keep moist, but not cheese.


No need to plant a primrose on a heavy soil, acidic and calcareous. The lightness of the soil and a large amount of fertilizer will help the root system of the evening primrose is good to breathe.


Planting primrose perennial should be carried out in the autumn, particularly in August or the last of his numbers.

This time is the best, because the sun did not bake and the young plants will be easier to adapt to new conditions. Also enough time in order to keep the plants rooted before the cold weather.

The distance between the holes 15 to 30 cm To the length of the step is affected by the grade. The depth of the holes depends on the size of the root system. The roots should be well spread.

Into the hole pour a handful of compost and mix well with the ground. The roots of the plants sprinkled with soil and well watered. You also need to pay attention to the humidity. It is impossible that the soil was dry. Planting primrose perennial done now is to mention follow-up care.

Care perennial primrose

Water the plants at least 1 time a week 3-4 liters of water on one square. Each irrigation should be followed by loosening soil and weeding.

One of the main conditions bright and chic flowering is feeding. Fertilize the plants needed each week. First time of making the feed as soon as vegetative buds.

Feed mainly mineral fertilizers in liquid form, since it is a weakly concentrated preparations.

Nitrogen contribute in small amounts to avoid excessive build-up of green hats, which will suppress flowering. Experienced gardeners make alternately potassium and phosphorus fertilization.

Transplant perennial primrose

Primrose transplanted every five years. At this stage, the Bush is subjected to separation and thus propagated. Although well propagated Primula and leaf cuttings.

Disease primrose

As for diseases, the perennial primrose

Planting primrose perennial

can affect root rot, various viral and bacterial diseases.

The emergence of infections can be seen by the change in the aerial part. Infected plants immediately removed and burned. In the early stages of the disease, you can use Bordeaux liquid.

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