Planting peonies in the country

Planting peonies

Lush blooming peonies are the pride of many gardeners.

These plants are not only beautiful and fragrant-smelling flowers, and beautiful, curly leaves.

So planting peonies looks very decorative even when it finishes flowering.

To all these advantages is added the fact that these garden flowers it is not demanding, can so many years to grow in one place and perfectly transfer even Siberian winters.

Peonies are best planted in early autumn on a prepared seat, located on the dry Sunny areas. Damp these flowers do not like.

First dig a hole about two bayonet spade. Excavated soil enriched with mineral fertilizers, wood ash, humus. In dense earth add sand and peat.

All well mix and put back in the pit, do not forget to make drainage from the gravel. Excess earthen mixture is poured slide. For two or three weeks, the soil will be compacted, and the surface is equalized.

Such as thorough soil preparation is necessary, as the flowers will grow on this spot for many years, and the lack of nutrients is bad for the quality of flowering.

Planting peonies requires care. First, planting material it is recommended to hold half an hour in a saturated solution of potassium permanganate.

Then in the center of the prepared hole, make a small hole where they put the rhizome so that the top Bud can be covered with soil to 5 cm.

The rhizome is covered with soil, but not tamped, otherwise it can break. The hole is carefully watered and mulched with peat.

Care of plants consists of weekly watering, shallow hoeing and weeding. In the first two years after planting peonies it is recommended to remove flower buds to direct more power to the development of rhizomes.

When quality filled pits for two seasons of feeding does not produce. With the onset of frosts the leaves are cut, leaving small stumps. To ensure good wintering tree trunks circles of shrubs mulched with a thick layer of sawdust or shredded peat.

On adult shrubs and remove withered buds, detracts from the appearance. Fallen petals must be cleaned, preventing them from rotting in a Bush.

The flowers were larger and stay longer, you should remove the small ovaries are slightly larger than a pea.

At the age of three herbaceous peonies make fertilizer. The first dressing is done with nitrogen and potassium to the beginning of the season. In the period of budding to produce a second feeding with the addition of phosphate fertilizers.

Last time fed phosphorus-potassium supplements a half months after flowering.

This will be the key to a lush flowering peonies next year. Plants are very responsive to organic

Planting peonies


Due to rainy weather planting peonies may be covered with gray mold. The appearance of grey color at the base of the stems indicate the beginning of the disease.

If time does not take action, then the stems will begin to rot and fall. To deal with Botrytis using Bordeaux mixture, a solution of which treated plants.

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