Planting pears in the summer in the country

Planting pear

When laying the garden should always reflect the specificities of each fruit crops to choose the right one for her landing.

For example, apples and pears can be attributed to one biological group.

But this does not mean that they are equally susceptible to the conditions in which they have to exist.

The landing place of the pear

The choice of location for planting pear – important moment, to grow and to bear fruit it will be here not a year or two.

Specifically, pear trees are real long-lived – some varieties can give a crop even a hundred years old.

Pears are more sensitive to cold, but endure drought. Not like this culture is waterlogged.

So, planting pear trees should be carried out in a warm soil with a low groundwater anywhere on the hill.

But it should not be open «seven winds». Therefore, to put a pear is needed in the centre of the garden, surrounded by other fruit crops, to protect the wood from drafts.

The place selected for planting the fruit plants must be well lit. Pear – light-requiring culture.

The state of the soil affects the quality of cultivated fruit. For pear trees is not suitable heavy clay soil.

Although the loam of culture does not take root bad. But the best option for planting pears are black soils or sandy loam soil.

It is necessary to make timely fertilizer for fruit trees. On poor, not rich soil, the fruits grow sour and tough. Especially tasteless they go out, if the summer was warm enough.

The scheme of planting pear

Important the scheme of planting pears in the ground. In close surroundings of the tree are poorly bear.

It is therefore necessary to sustain the optimal distance between trees of the same series and in the aisle.

If the plants are compact, rows should be placed at a distance of 4.5 m from each other. The proximity between trees of the same number admits 4 m. When planting tall varieties, the size of the aisles is 6 m, between individuals – 5 m.

Spacious enough should be and the hole that you will place the seedling:

planting pear

diameter – 100-110 cm, depth – 60 cm

Before planting pears in the pit of the earth should be well wet.

As for landing the columnar pear varieties, the dimensions of the pits are selected based on the size of the seedling.

The rhizome tree is lowered into the pit to such a depth, to the land located at the site of inoculation.

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