Planting onions for the winter

Planting onions for the winter

Collecting autumn onion grown from seed, gardeners it is sorted according to the size of the bulbs.

Good durable the material is sent for storage to the spring to plant in the garden.

But too small onions winter maturation may not survive – just shrink.

But throwing them away should not – it is an excellent planting material for the winter. And in the autumn planting onions has several advantages.

What good podzimny sowing onion

Be afraid of planting small bulb under the winter is not necessary – this vegetable is very tolerant of the winter. The main thing – to choose the right sort (particularly good «Hiberna MS»). But then the harvest will pleasantly surprise you.

  • Planting onions for the winter – a chance to get an early harvest on the pen.
  • The ripening period of the bulbs comes at a time when insect pests do not have time to get in the beds, thereby increasing productivity.
  • After harvesting of winter crop of onions, you can use the flower bed under other crops with short maturing period, which is handy in small areas.


  • Pretty small bow sets. arrow-stems, which is a plus.
  • From small bulb in a planting for next year grows a full onion that has good keeping quality for storage.

 The nuances of planting onions

Near the landing under the winter onion has its own characteristics, which should not be neglected. Otherwise you not only lose the benefits of such a sowing, but in General to remain without the planting material.

  • First, it is necessary to choose only the varieties of onions that can tolerate frosts. So raisonnee will grow the sets by yourself instead of buying it on the market. The only way to be sure that you will not get the «southern» variety.
  • The second important aspect is to guess the period of planting. In middle latitudes this is the first half of October. But there may be deflection – it all depends on the time of the occurrence of frost. So you’ll have to monitor the weather forecasts.
  • To plant sets in the ground have deeper than the spring planting. Otherwise, the bulbs in the winter Planting onions for the winter


  • For this reason, it is impossible to plant in the winter soaked onions – only the dry material.
  • All beds with bottom set be sure to cover with twigs or straw. You can mulch with peat.
  • The choice of location for the landing of the sets is also important. You need to try to after the snow melts in the garden does not stagnate water, otherwise the crop will rot.

If you stand all the recommendations, podzimny planting a lot of onions will make life easier for gardeners.

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