Planting of sweet cherry and care for her

Planting cherries

Almost every garden grows cherries. Its popularity lies in utility and excellent taste qualities of the fruit.

In addition, the tree is also very beautiful during flowering. Planting of sweet cherry is fairly simple, and the care complexity is no different.

First, the cherries grow only in warm regions, but thanks to breeders, there were varieties that are resistant to frost.

The timing of the landing

The tree can be planted with the onset of spring and autumn. But, like any plant, it is demanding to place of growth. So, the planting of the cherry is eliminated in places where there is even a slight stagnation of water.

Should not be planted plant on the North side where there is often wind. The most appropriate place would be well lit place, preferably with a small hill.

The soil should be fertile, but not clay and sand and peat. If the soil is mostly clay, the pit should add one bucket of river sand.

In sandy soil add clay around two buckets and cover good ground. It will not hurt to add limestone gravel.

With this approach, the acidity of the soil is greatly reduced, and the air circulation in the root system becomes much better.


It is important to know that from how correctly planted cherry, will depend on further fruiting and taste of the fruit. So, if done correctly, the tree can grow and bear fruit more than half a century.

Planting cherries is done at a distance of about 5 m. This gap is necessary because the adult tree crown is quite branched and makes a shadow. You should prepare the pit, the width of which is approximately one meter and a depth of 80 cm.

On the bottom is placed the mixture of compost and black earth, it would also be nice to add fertilizers. It is important during the filling of the pit with soil to fill the root neck. Falling asleep the pit soil should be lightly compacted and at the end be sure to water. Preferably around the tree from top to pour a layer of peat cut grass or compost.


After planting cherries, we can not forget about regular watering and tilling the soil. Until then, until the tree grows, it can be planted flowers, strawberries and various bushes. But after the crown becomes large enough, under a tree casts shadow and grow something there will be bad.

In the first year you must remove the weeds around the tree, but the second year should be dug around the seedling circle around the trunk with a diameter of about one meter. Annually expand it, but not more than five feet.

Planting of sweet cherry and care for her

Because it blooms very early starts to bear fruit earlier than other trees, the soil around the trunk mulch and periodically remove the weeds. Fertilizing is also required, to be paid in the fall.

Fertilizers (not necessarily dry) deepen by 20 cm and more. If it is fertilizer, the first it is diluted in water and then watered.

Fertilizers can be applied to the trunk, since there is a root system, and it is poorly absorbs elements of fertilizer.

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