Planting of peaches in the country

Planting of peaches in the country

What could be tastier than grown on their own plot of delicious and healthy fruit.

For example, the peach is a source of necessary for human vitamins and trace elements.

But in order to obtain delicious fruit, the planting of peach must be performed correctly.

So, when it is better to plant the tree in spring or autumn? It all depends on the climate zone and the Northern region it is better to plant peaches in the spring.

Fall planting will not bring positive result, as the time before the cold weather is very short, accordingly the term, which is only a month and a half, for survival not significant.

As for the middle band, then there is a big difference. Planting peach can be performed both in spring and autumn. Here it all depends on the wishes of the host and weather conditions.

Selection of planting material

The cheapest way to grow a peach is considered to be planting seeds. You can buy a good ripe fruits, carefully remove the bone, a good wash and dry.

Next you need to carry out the stratification, which uses wet sand or sawdust. The residence time of seeds in the wet soil depends on the planting material.

But on average, the growth of young shoots from seeds will take 3-4 months. Recommended to plant a few seeds so that later you can choose the most powerful germ.

More expensive is buying a sapling. But in this case the survival rate is much higher.

The method of planting

Planting peach runs only on the lit area, while protected from drafts and winds. Excellent protection can be a house wall, hedge or fence.

It is desirable that the place where will be planted the peach, not growing any trees. But it is recommended for several seasons to grow crops or perennial grasses.

Seedling acquire one or perennial. It is important to pay attention to the root system. First you need to prepare a hole the size of 70×70×60 cm, add fertile soil, which needs to be humus, wood ash.

The finished mixture is poured into the hole and slide it place the seedling so that the roots were located freely. The level of the root collar should be above about 4 cm of soil level.

You can now fill the ground, gently mix and pour water in the amount of 3-4 buckets. The water is well absorbed. Then around the trunk do not a big bump, up to 30 cm.

Planting peach finished, but it will not hurt to spend handling a young sapling drugs that will protect it from various diseases. If planting is done in autumn then it is recommended to build a protective structure.

Planting peach

With the two sides set high stakes. The tree is in the middle. Top wear ordinary sugar bag, made of oilcloth. Edge fixed to the ground and poured on top soil.

On the South side need to cut a small hole for the passage of air. This design will still protect the young tree from strong winter winds, snow and animals. In the spring the bag off and carry out pruning.

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