Planting of juniper and care

Planting juniper

Pine cultures planted in the garden plots not only for decoration these plants purify the surrounding air, creating around healing atmosphere.

Often seen in the domestic gardens of the representative of this family is the juniper needles and berries which have useful medicinal properties.

The presence of this evergreen tree on the site will ensure the beauty of the local landscape, and for the owners to be extremely useful in maintaining health.

Planting juniper

The tree is not particularly demanding on the earth in which to grow — can easily take root and juniper on a rocky site. But a good host will always take care of their Pets, creating comfortable conditions for life.

Therefore, if selected for planting juniper place is not fertile enough soil, you should add it at least in the planting hole.

This will require a turf ground in the amount of 2 parts and you have to take 1 part of sand and peat. To the right soils, it is desirable to add 200 grams of NPK fertilizer will help to root the seedling.

On loam you will need to add a drainage – broken bricks or gravel.

In the open ground planted tree has reached 3 years of age, and the pit should be at a depth of 2 times more than the size of the seedling.

Wrap the plant with a clod of earth, protects the roots from damage, and landed in the ditch, to whom were above the surface.

After the dropwise juniper will, unloading a round cover breathable mulch (leaves, peat, etc.) and the plant is abundantly watered.

When making a group planting of juniper trees the distance between trees should choose the order of 2-4 m. the optimal time for planting is mid – spring.

Care juniper

Juniper is a undemanding crops, does not require special care. But to give the plant the attention it is worth.

  • Juniper quietly tolerate drought, but at high temperatures it is recommended every 10 days to spray the crown of the tree.
  • Steadily the plant to frost, only in the first year, when he was made the planting of juniper, seedling for the winter will need to wrap up. More adults only tied with a very spreading crown.
  • Does not need the plant and in special fertilizer – enough each spring to bring the soil nitroammophosphate in an amount of 50 g per 1 sq. m. But you can often feed the plant, but not more than 1 times a month. Planting juniper
  • In pruning and shaping the crown of a juniper is not needed, unless used in a decorative fence. And so it is sufficient periodically to remove broken and dead branches.

If planting of juniper and the subsequent care was carried out with tenderness, then the plant will thank for its beauty and healing properties, filling the plot intoxicating pine aroma.

In June you can enjoy the flowering trees and in September to collect Shishko berries that are useful in home therapy in many diseases.

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