Planting of black chokeberry

planting of black chokeberry

Chokeberryand is a purely cultivated plant and is the result of breeding purple and black Aronia.

With this ash, it combines only the «name».

The form of the fruit of chokeberry is more reminiscent of a small Apple, and the appearance of the shrub more similarities with currants.

But, nevertheless, this does not detract from the merits of chokeberry as for utility and beauty.

And black chokeberry, the plant is undemanding to growing conditions and is not afraid of strong frosts. That is why it is popular with many gardeners.

The method of reproduction of Rowan

Propagated Aronia all known methods – both autonomic and seeds.

Seed propagation requires special adaptation of the preparation of planting material at low temperatures and high humidity (method of stratification).

This process is lengthy and takes about 100-120 days. Therefore, to prepare seeds for planting will have in advance.

Vegetative reproduction includes several ways: planting Aronia sprouts, layering, cuttings and division of the Bush or chips on the mountain ash.

The place for planting chokeberry

Wild ancestors of chokeberry feel comfortable and surrounded by tall forest trees. Because a cultivated plant can easily take root in the shaded area of the garden.

But it is better to give Rowan a more lit place – the better will be the harvest.

To soil undemanding shrub – can get along and polluted, and salinity. Although it is more appropriate slightly acidic peat soil. In any case, when planting the Bush in a hole you need to make organic fertilizer.

Regarding soil moisture, it is desirable that the groundwater was not deep (about 1 m).

Planting of black chokeberry

Often the rowanberry gardeners assigned the role of the hedge. So the shrub is planted firmly – one plant from another is at a distance of five feet.

If Aaron is placed in the bottom of the garden, it should withstand the space between the bushes about 2-2,5 M.

Sometimes when you have a large quantity of planting material young shrubs are distributed at a distance of about 1 m.

Giving them the opportunity to grow, until the moment when the crown closes, the extra plants

planting of black chokeberry

can be deleted.

The diameter of the pits for planting chokeberry should be approximately 60 cm Deep pit in the range of 40 cm – conditional.

The grower himself must decide how best to bury the Bush, the lower will be lowered the plant into the hole, the more it will give fruit stalks.

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