Planting marigolds in the open ground

Planting marigolds in the open ground

Aster family next to perennials, there are annuals.

They also have a nice flower basket with different color. But to propagate them by seeds only.

Herbaceous plants marigold (scientific name Tagetes) have ribbed the bare stem with pinnately dissected leaves unpaired.

The inflorescence can be painted in one tone, but there are two-tone baskets.

Planting marigolds in the open ground is usually groups decorating them all sorts of flower beds. Looks great Tagetes on loggias and balconies, decorating them with their color throughout the summer.

But in order to preserve features of the varieties at planting marigolds, you should use the principle of spatial exclusion. The only way to avoid cross pollination.

Growing marigolds

For the cultivation of marigold is suitable with any soil composition. But best of all the flowers take root on neutral soils and loams, so you first need to determine the acidity of the soil and bring it back to normal.

Illumination special role for marigold is not playing, although a Sunny position is better – brighter color of the baskets.


Marigolds endure drought, but water them regularly, especially at the beginning of flowering. This is not to prevent waterlogging.

But you will need to fertilize well. In the early summer use a full range of mineral dressing, from mid-July – only potassium and phosphorus.

Loosening the soil and weeding around the marigolds is carried out as necessary. But to deal with pests will not have to, they «sidestep» marigolds.

Therefore, farmers actively planted these flowers along the vegetable beds as a protective barrier. Used and infusion of leaves of marigolds as a substitute for pesticides.

Planting marigolds in the open ground

Marigolds prefer the climate is moderate and very responsive to frost. Why the seeds of marigolds in open ground sow not recommended –

Planting marigolds in the open ground

seedlings can die even at zero temperature. The only exception is the cultivar of Tagetes erect.

Marigolds grown seedling method. For this purpose seeds are sown in early April in the prepared box with the earth. Care for the shoots will be only watering the soil.

In a dive seedlings of Tagetes is not necessary, the cultivation of seedlings of marigolds will not take too much time.

A month and a half, when the marigold seedlings grow stronger, and the land sufficiently warms up, they can be put on beds in the open ground.

In Central Russia – the second half of may. In the southern regions of the country planting marigolds produce in early may.

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