Planting lilies in the open ground

Lily bulbs

Many growers grow in their garden this beautiful.

But not everyone is privileged to enjoy the beauty of this amazing flower, because it is not always in bloom.

Planting lilies like and care for them has its own quirks, so it would be good to see them.

It is best to plant lilies in September, it is believed that before the onset of frost the bulbs have time to root.

With the onset of the severe frosts of the landing better than something to hide. Although no less successful for planting is the spring and fall months.

The choice of bulbs

No matter where the purchase is carried out, the main thing that Lily bulbs were large and healthy. It so happens that the planting material is already purchased and to Board early, then its better to put in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf.


If you purchase a Lily in the autumn, then it must be stored in a dark place, but until the end of October to plant the bulbs.

Boarding process

A bed is best placed in partial shade where the sun will Shine this afternoon, but no more. It is important to place the Lily so that the flower was in the sun, and the root system in the shade. If this is not possible, it is possible for flowers to plant groundcover.

This can be annuals or daisies. The place you need to choose very carefully as to transplant Lily only after 4 years.

The best option would be if planting the lilies will be a group. This approach will make the flower bed of lilies more attractive and original. But you need to choose one variety.

Before planting, the soil must be dug down to a depth of about 40 cm If the soil is heavy, make a peat and sand. For light soil, you can make 1 bucket of peat and humus to 10 kg per square.

Lily does not like acidic soil, so if you need you need to make about 300 grams of wood ash on one square.

Planted in a prepared hole, with a depth of about 20 cm and a width of 40 cm on the bottom put the fertilizer about 5 cm Bulbs spread on a distance of about 25 cm and sprinkled with fertile soil, and it is better to mulch leaf humus. Not to be mistaken with the depth, you need to know that most of the Lily plant to a height of two bulbs.


Lily is not picky about watering, but if the weather is very hot, then watering to once every two or three days. After the plant will wither, stop watering completely.

If you want lilies to cut for a bouquet, then leave a significant portion of the stem. This is done so that the bulb could well develop.


To planting lilies was more fruitful, you should make the necessary fertilizer. This can be a granular fertilizer designed for bulbs. For the normal development of fertilizer you need to make at least two times a year. This is the period of the first tender shoots and preparation for the winter.

It is important to know that lilies do not tolerate organic fertilizer, because it can become the basis for the development of diseases.

planting lilies

Autumn care

With the onset of October, the stem is cut at a height of 15 cm and so leave until spring.

Following the minor rules of planting and care you can grow amazing beautiful Lily, which will give pleasure with their blooms a long time.

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