Planting honeysuckle in the garden

Planting honeysuckle

Honeysuckle can be called a favorite of the owners of garden plots – so it’s interesting.

But the plant is not enough who cultivates, as a fruit, using it to its decorative properties.

Due to his appearance honeysuckle is a good instance for landscaping the site.

Whole plant ornamental (flowers and fruits). For landscaping and choose twining vines and erect shrubs.

To propagate honeysuckle, while the seeds are sown only freshly picked) as well as vegetative means (layering).

Novice gardeners prefer ready-made seedlings.

Planting honeysuckle

For vegetative propagation, suitable, and cuttings fresh cut and prepared in advance.

Green cuttings are cut after fruit ripening (somewhere in the second half of June).

While the length should be kept not less than 10-12 cm, with the presence of the handle 2 internodes. They immediately planted in a flower bed, enriched with peat and manure.

Lignified cuttings harvested in late autumn – early winter and sent to storage in a dark basement (in tanks with sand).

Length of cuttings-pieces should be 25 cm Beds, which will be the planting of honeysuckle, also prepared in advance (with the addition of humus and peat).

Planted cuttings in the ground closer to may. To rooting passed better, they should be treated with phytohormones.

Both grafting is an intermediate stage, so these beds will be temporary (for example, in a greenhouse).

The grown seedlings in place of «registration» are planted only in the following year, preferably in the fall.

The scheme of planting honeysuckle

An individual is samobesplodny. To give the plants the opportunity to establish a fruit plot should be planted at least 3 bushes of this culture. It is desirable that the varieties of honeysuckle have been varied.

The distance between the seedlings and rows you need to withstand, based on the height of the Bush. Undersized for the space between rows is 1 m, between plants and 0.7 m For average height individuals respectively 2 m and 1.5 m For taller plants to 2.5 m and 1.5 m.

The same factor determines the size of planting hole: for shrubs of small diameter is 40 cm, depth 30 cm; for tall vines, and the diameter and depth of pits is equal to 60 cm.

The choice of planting honeysuckle

Honeysuckle prefers fertile, friable soils with a pH above 7. If this is difficult to achieve, at the bottom of the hole where the sapling is placed, you must put on

planting honeysuckle

one part sand and peat moss, 2 parts loam, 3 parts humus.

If planting honeysuckle is not just for landscaping purposes, and it is also planned to collect fruits, you should choose a well-lit area.

You need to consider and love of plants to moisture. Therefore, too low groundwater may affect poor productivity.

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