Planting gooseberry — farming secrets

Landing agruso

Cultivation of berry plants began not for fun, people have always sought to have at hand not just a delicious fruit, but also good for health.

So is the case with gooseberries. And healing it in the first place, the elderly and children.

Recently, the berry is popular as a dietary product.

This berry plant is sometimes called popularly called «Northern grapes».

Indeed, the fruits of gooseberry not only taste like grapes, but the chemical composition is similar to him.

And North because easily tolerate severe frosts, allowing you to grow gooseberries in cold climates.

The cultivation of gooseberries

Planting gooseberries special machinery is not required. Easily survives on any land (but does not like waterlogged and clayey sites). Abundant the crops gives the soil enriched with nutrients.

What a demanding culture, so is the lighting. If planted bushes for the green fence, the landing site for the gooseberry should not be shaded and well protected from the winds.

But it should be borne in mind that good fruit in one place the culture can last 15 years. Then have Bush to transplant. To «shortname» thickets is not the case. The longer they develop, the more reliable the green fence.

As propagated gooseberry

For cultivation of this culture used several methods of reproduction. Each gardener chooses the one that it is convenient:

  • Seed propagation of gooseberry is not my favorite method of cultivation, because it requires too much time and attention. So gardeners leave this kind of breeding to the breeders.
  • Planting gooseberry offsets (horizontal and vertical) is used most often. Thus «settle» the Bush with a designated area.
  • To explore new lands better cuttings. They are cut in summer when they are still rich green, and rooting in greenhouses.

 Features landing

Planting gooseberries is in the prepared hole. Dig them in advance – 2 weeks prior to planting.

The dimensions of the pit are: width 60 cm, depth 40 cm Distance between the wells under the gooseberry should

Landing agruso

least 1 m.

Dig a hole, fill it with organic fertilizer, sprinkled on top of the ground. After 2 weeks carry out planting of gooseberries.

In a pit you can sit down next 2 cuttings. Bury them in the ground 6 inches, no more.

The cuttings are planted immediately should be watered on every Bush of 0.5 buckets of water. Then mulch with compost or peat tree trunks.

All further farming (watering, pruning, fertilizing) are held as necessary.

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