Planting currants and care for her

Landing smorodiny

All work in the garden are called capacious word «farming». And it begins with selected crop planting on the site.

Each berry bushes and fruit tree has its agronomic characteristics.

Places for planting currants

To plant all types of currants can heap by defining a specific place for this on the site.

And you can throw the bushes single individuals around the garden. From this yield of the fruit will not be less, currants snoopycam.

But what really can affect fertility Bush is the choice of location. Currants prefer a slightly alkaline soil. But it survives and on the other, the soil fertile enough. Importantly, the ground was loose.

Currant berries are more sweet and juicy, and the harvest of their abundant, if the planting of black currant was carried out in the open, not obscured by high vegetation. Drafts culture is not afraid, And tolerate drought with difficulty. But the wetting is also detrimental to plants.


Features planting currant

As planting material, you can use cuttings or cuttings (both green and woody). Nice to take root in a new place and split the hive.

When planting currants in a permanent place, often using upright method. But sometimes recommended to bury plant material in the pit at an angle. This stimulates the appearance of additional roots.

Therefore, the hole for planting the crop must be large enough – 50-55 cm in diameter with a depth of 40 cm If there will be planted a few bushes, the distance between them in one row is kept within meters, between rows, up to five feet.

Soil preparation

The place for planting currants to prepare in advance – since the fall. Soil with addition of peat is dug up and left until spring.

Planting currants and care for her

After the winter, when the earth warms up enough, it needs more time to dig and then (a few days) to dig a hole.

Care for currants after planting

Planted currants need plenty of water. After that, the ground around the Bush mulch in a layer about 7 cm fit the same peat or humus (manure).

Later, a similar mulching should be carried out every year in spring and autumn.

Additional fertilizing includes fertilizing currant during flowering and formation of the ovaries.

This can be as a basal diet with organic fertilizers, and spraying plants with liquid mixtures. All subsequent watering is carried out as required. In the rainy season you can rely on the will of nature.

But in dry summers the plant will need «to drink» often. Excellent option is is set on a plot of droplet irrigation system.

Must care for currants is pruning. The first «cut» is performed immediately after landing, shortening the plant up to 10 cm annually And remove excess growth and weak stems.

Don’t forget about weed control. If other fruit crops somehow in this neighborhood do not really pay attention, currants weed can bring a lot of inconvenience. Especially harmful for the culture of quack grass.

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