Planting columnar Apple trees

planting columnar jabluni

The best place in the suburban area for planting columnar Apple trees, the area along the garden paths, fences, they are not large and shading other crops will not.

This should take into account that they need good light and protection from the wind.

Planting columnar Apple trees

In the spring, almost immediately after the snow melts you can start planting columnar Apple trees, in this case, wait for the first harvest faster.

The planting hole itself should be prepared in autumn, it must be spacious to the root system fit free, without kinks and fractures. At the same time, for the winter lay fertilizer.

The nutrients are the same as for conventional planting of Apple trees (phosphorus-potassium), but only ten times smaller.

See the user manual for fertilizer, but the average is roughly two tablespoons to the hole if the soil is poor, add compost, peat.

Before planting columnar Apple trees, inspect the root system if the roots are a little dry, soak them in water for ten hours.

About the necessity of soaking also shows wrinkled bark of the sapling on top. Before planting, the tips of the roots a little trim, so the columnar Apple tree will recover faster and will catch on.

Planting columnar Apple trees must be held carefully, as already mentioned, in order not to damage the root system.

After you place the roots into the planting hole, sprinkle them with soil compaction and water generously with water so that the moisture lasted longer, around trees, the soil is recommended for the first time, to mulch the grass.

When planting several seedlings of columnar Apple trees, stick to the recommended scheme, i.e. the distance between trees should be at least one meter.

The number of lateral branches subsequently will depend on this distance, the farther apart, the greater, consequently, the harvest will be better.

The columnar Apple tree blooms profusely, so long as a young tree it is difficult to feed

planting columnar jabluni

this amount of ovaries.

Preferably in the first year after planting Apple trees all the flowers it is better to rip to the tree to gain strength.

The following year, when it becomes clear that the Apple trees have successfully taken root and feel good, you can afford to leave 5-6 apples.

A year later, the number of fruits on the columnar Apple tree is brought to 12-15 pieces. In the fourth year the trees are to bear fruit abundantly.

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