Planting cherries

Planting cherries

To propagate cherry vaccinations and growth.

The first method is better: developing better plant crop better.

The second method is used for the construction of the garden.

And then when planting cherry trees, you need to consider many aspects.

How to choose cherry seedlings

To buy seedlings should or from reliable growers or agricultural firms that specialize in their cultivation.

Otherwise there is a risk to buy substandard material. To weed out suspicions about the third grade seedlings, these should be carefully examined for defects.

On trunks and roots should not have any outgrowths. Otherwise you can plant to buy and serious disease of fruit trees.

One should not buy planting material and with poorly developed root system – this cherry is unlikely to take root.

The second grade will take the seedlings with poorly developed branches and weak roots.

At correctly chosen landing site and sufficient care cherry can settle down in 3-4 years to start to bear fruit.

If there is a possibility to buy first-class goods, it is best to take it, despite the fact that such cherry seedlings will cost more.

Have quality material on the roots should be 3 to 5 main branches and well developed branches.

A place to land cherry

When selecting a location, note that cherry does not like waterlogged. So just need to find out the depth of groundwater is not above 2 m from the surface.

Culture demanding to the choice of the soil on heavy soils cherry fruits weak.

It is desirable that in the garden was a plot of sand (sandy loam) soil. Fit, of course, and loamy, but with a neutral reaction.

Many varieties of cherry frost, but that doesn’t mean to put it «on seven winds».

On the contrary, you need to choose a more sheltered place. It should be Sunny, in the shade of the cherry gives a poor crop.

Planting cherries

Vishniac often planted along the fence in 1 row, maintaining the distance between individuals on average about 3 meters.

If vyshenne cultures filled garden plot, the distance between the tree plants should be kept about 4 m, bushy – enough 2.5 m inter-row spacing is 3 meters.

From varieties of cherries depends on the size and depth of the pit. As a rule, digging it round, with a diameter for tall varieties of 100 cm and a depth of 80 cm, low growing to 50 cm in diameter and 40 cm deep.

When to plant cherry


planting cherries

Drop the cherry in spring and autumn.

In the first case to do so, preferably before the flowering of culture.

If planting cherries will be after the summer, the barrels should be required to till the ground.

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