Planting carrots

Planting carrots

Without exaggerating carrots can be called «resident» of each garden.

You will hardly find at least one green thumb – gardener does not grow this colourful root vegetable.

Such affection and love is well deserved.

  • After all, carrot is a source of carotene and vitamins C, E and group B;
  • improves metabolism and reduces fatigue;
  • has anti-inflammatory action.

Well-absorbed, and improves digestion. Thanks to taste (it contains up to 12% sugar) is eaten fresh and used in cooking many dishes. And in the children’s menu and completely irreplaceable.

Carrots likes fertile soil, preferably warm loamy, sandy and sandy loam. For planting it is better to use the beds on the second year after manure application.

Fresh manure will result in distortion and branching of roots and affect their taste (reduce the sugar content).

Carrot «will appreciate the crop with mineral fertilizers containing phosphorus, magnesium and nitrogen.

Land for carrots it is advisable to cook in the fall: to dig over on depth of a shovel, make acidic soil lime or chalk (1 Cup per 1 square meter).

The best carrots come after the cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions. Not recommended to grow root after the parsnip and celery, as well as two consecutive years in the same place.

A good harvest will give the carrots in first processed (virgin) land. In the garden she is offered a bright place in the shadow of the roots grow short and have a small mass.

Stagnation of water in the soil can cause rotting of the roots, so when planting near groundwater is better to do the high ridge (up to 35 cm).

Carrots cold-resistant plant, the germination starts at + 4° C, and seedlings can withstand a downgrade of up — 3-4°.

Seeds with essential oils, bad taste. When sowing dry seeds, seedlings appear only in the 15-20 day.

To accelerate germination, the seeds are washed with warm water and soaked for swelling. To improve the similarity would help the soaking seeds with nutrient solutions purchased in specialized outlets.

A good result will give the following method: directly before planting the seeds 20 minute warm up in hot water (50° C) then cooled in cold water.

A bed for carrots cook for two to three days before planting: dig or loosen the top layer of the soil, remove the weeds and cover with foil to maintain moisture.

A prerequisite of seed germination – adequate soil moisture, but stagnation of water on its surface.

Usually, carrots are sown in furrows at a depth of about 2 cm on loamy soils and about 3 cm on light (sandy) soils.

The optimal distance between the grooves is 20 cm, between the edge of the patch and the first groove – 14 cm

Before sowing, ridge water, you can also shed grooves mild solution of potassium permanganate.

To avoid excessive density of seedlings, seeds are mixed with dry sand (1:3). Before sowing early carrots can be started immediately after thawing and drying of the soil and continue until the end of June.

This carrot will have time to grow before the cold weather, but for long-term storage is not suitable.

Carrots late varieties intended for long-term storage, sown in the third decade of April – early may, depending on weather conditions.

Later seeds of carrot, it is desirable to handle special chemicals from carrot fly pest that can damage all the root vegetables in the garden.

To obtain the juicy carrot at the end of June, the seeds are sown «winter» — at the end of November. The soil should be padmaraj, temperature not above + 4° C, otherwise the seeds may sprout before winter.

The seeds have to be dry, better early and medium early varieties. The most optimal for planting such areas with no severe winter and early spring. In the absence of snow in winter ridge with seeds covered various covering materials.

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