Planting blackberries in the garden

Landing ogini

From the beloved raspberry is, not less tasty and healthy «cousin» — BlackBerry.

This berry belongs to the category of wild plant and grows mainly in forest clearings, along rivers, in ravines and on slopes of small hills.

In people blueberries are known under different names: «turquoise», «kumanica» and «chill».

But, despite the usefulness of berries, and ornamental Bush in gardens, the culture is rare.

Don’t like gardeners to take care of it – because of the big fat spikes «communicate» with the BlackBerry hard. The shrub quickly grows outwards, making impenetrable thickets.

But if there is a desire to have at hand berry «the doctor», the planting of blackberries in the garden will not be difficult.

Looks good especially the shrub in a decorative hedge. And to the place culture will have in the apiary – BlackBerry is a good honey plant.

Planting blackberries

From seed growers to grow blackberries will not succeed. It is a very tedious procedure and it is applied only in selective laboratories. So for planting blackberries use only vegetative method.

As planting material, take the shoots coming from the roots. There is suitable and already lignified shoots, and green shoots. Importantly, the length of the shoot was within 8 cm.

If a hybrid variety is not barbed, it is best to use the cuttings prepared from the stalks – in the future on this Bush grown from the root the offspring, develop spikes.

The prepared material is first planted in a temporary «patch» — grooves with a depth of 2 cm greater than the length of the cutting. Grown seedlings to a permanent place of transplant in the year.

The scheme of planting blackberries

If you start in the area of berry plantation blackberries, raisonnee to plant blackberries along the fence (or instead of). And then the distance between the bushes should be 1.5 m.

But there is another option – «throw» BlackBerry individual shrubs throughout the site. The distance to neighboring crops must be at least 2.5 m.

To relocate the seedlings can be planted in the grooves, the depth of which ranges from 20 to 40 cm (depending on height of planted shrub).

For free-standing bushes can dig a hole round or square shape so that the root system wasn’t in her «closely.»

But it is not necessary to give incentive roots in active growth. For this purpose along the walls of the pits or grooves and on the bottom you need to dig limiters of growth

landing ogini

the iron sheets of slate. This will slow down the growth of the Bush in width.

Planting blackberries

As the planting of cuttings of plants and their transfer to the next year is best done in the middle of the fall season (in early October). But try to do it before the frost.

If you want to plant blackberries in the spring, the best time is immediately after the end of the cold. Shrubs need to take root in a new place before the moment of disclosure of the kidneys.

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