Planting arborvitae and care for her

Planting arborvitae

«Slender as a cypress tree» — say in the East about the girl.

Indeed, trees of this family are very delicate and are a real decoration of gardens and parks.

Special attention is paid to the elegant representative of the cypress – Thue. It is compact, low-growing and exudes a pleasant aromatic scent.

Needles she does not like needles. Rather, it is an inflorescence of small scales.

Planting arborvitae

Does TUI have small bumps that hold on the 2 seed. Their culture can be propagated by planting in the ground.

Seedlings appear quickly, however, in Mature tree arborvitae will turn only after 5 years. But it is during this period will be acclimatized and will develop well.

Seeds are buried to a depth of not more than 5 cm, and sowing shelter on sawdust from coniferous trees. Periodically the plot watered and loosened it on the ground.

When the shoots together will hatch, it will need to be protected from bright sunlight. The soil should be constantly moist and fertilized (you must take the manure slurry).

From the obtained shoots in the third year of life can already take cuttings for cuttings and try to root them.

Well, for those who want to speed up the process, should take for planting arborvitae with an adult tree a piece of bark with semilignified process.

All procedures for the reproduction of culture held in the spring. The ground for this essential mixed – peat and loam in equal parts.

But best of all cuttings and the shoots to root in the greenhouse, and then seedlings are ready, you can migrate in the open ground.

Planting arborvitae cuttings is carried out to a depth of from a half to 2.5 m. At this site choose should be protected from sun and hydrated enough.

Often you can see the Avenue of cedars lining the perimeter of the site. But to a living fence looked beautiful, trees should be periodically trimmed.

Caring for junipers

To thuja has not lost its charm, it is necessary to carefully maintain considering its benefits.

  • Despite the fact that the initial planting of arborvitae was conducted in protected from the sun well-rooted seedling in a permanent place of residence must withdraw closer to the warmth. The compactness of the root system gives the opportunity to transplant the culture from place to place without damage to his health.
  • But from the drafts tree desirable to protect, otherwise thuja get sick and lose their appeal. Planting arborvitae
  • The plant responds well to irrigation, absolutely not tolerate drought.
  • Feed thuja should be moderate, otherwise it will quickly go to growth, losing its decorative effect. Early spring in soil amended nitrogen fertilizers, in June – potassium. If the soil is poor, it is possible to add more phosphorus.
  • Do not forget about the pests – Thue annoying fake scale insects and aphids. Periodically the tree sprayed with Malathion uktelecom.

Planting arborvitae is decorating the landscape. Therefore, you should regularly carry out pruning of unnecessary branches, dry branches, thus supporting the design appearance of culture.

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