Planting apricot and care

Planting apricot

Despite the fact that the birthplace of this fruit is China, this fruit is grown successfully in countries where soft and warm climate.

In Russia, too, almost in every garden you can find a tree. Planting apricot is straightforward, but still has its own nuances.

Boarding process

Planting hole prepared in advance in autumn. Its size should not be smaller than 70×70×70 cm

It is important to know that the root system grows in diameter two times larger than the crown of the tree, and therefore the place you need to choose the appropriate size.

The fit is performed in the end of April before they begin to blossom buds. If the trees are few, the gap between them should be at least five meters.

Planting apricot must be performed in accordance with the agrotechnical requirements. The tree loves soft ground, so in advance should be prepared. On the bottom of the pit poured gravel or crushed stone.


These materials are needed for drainage. Poured on top fertile soil (preferably humus) and be sure to add fertilizer on a mineral basis.

Also sprinkled wood ash, without ash, you can add lime, but it must sprinkle on top of the soil, so as not to burn the root system. Then poured saltpeter and also sprinkled soil. In any case the roots must not touch the fertilizer.

In the pit and a tree trunk covered with soil, so that it formed a small hill. The tree, figuratively speaking, will be located on upland.

The mound should be increased, if the area is ground water. When planting plants it is important to ensure that the level of the root collar is not too recessed.

Dig around the tree for watering and be sure to carefully pour two buckets of water, not blurring the bump and not exposing roots.

Tree care

Planting apricot made, but the work doesn’t end there. As for all the plants in the garden, with apricot, too, need to properly care.

To make the fruit well developed, need regular watering. Also need fertilizing during flowering and when the fruits are tied.

If a tree much fruit, then the ovaries need to thin out to the young tree died, giving all his strength to the fruit. Besides, the weight can break branches.

Thinning performed after excess ovaries will fall off. The optimum number of fruits for the young trees one berry on 20 leaves.

As for pests, it is often plagued by aphids, but can be deter nasturtium that is planted close to the trunk.


The important point after planting is pruning branches and trunk. For apricot is better to form a multilevel sparse crown.

Leave 5-6 main branches, it should not grow two branches of one trunk. In relation to the trunk

Planting apricot and care

skeletal branches should have a large angle.

At the annual shoots begin to develop fruits, but the greatest harvest the branches continued. Carry out pruning in early spring half of fruit-bearing shoots.

This approach will ensure the development of flower buds. You also need thinning of the crown. And after harvesting the main crop need to perform rejuvenation pruning.

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