Planting and caring for tulips

Fit first eye for tulips

Tulips are the flowers that are among the first to begin to bring people joy after a long winter.

They can be found in summer flower beds in the yards of town houses and flower beds in parks.

The Tulip belongs to the category flowers, which do not need special care.

But the most striking varieties will please owners if properly implemented planting tulips.

Selection of the place

Therefore, when planning should take into account that the flowers love the sun and do not tolerate cold wind. The site needed smooth the passage of water into the soil.

Since the roots of tulips are located at a depth of about 70 cm, in the presence of groundwater, the bulbs may die. It is also worth thinking about what the culture was grown on this site previously. It is better that it was beans.

Planting tulips starts mid-September and may last until mid-October. The soil temperature should not be below 6°C and not higher than 10°C at soil depth up to 15 cm.

If the temperature varies up or down, it can impair the normal formation of roots. It is important to know that the root structure develops within 2-3 weeks, so it is necessary that before the arrival of cold weather this process is over. The deadline for planting is the middle of October.

The guarantor bright and large buds will become fertilized, loose soil. If the soil is mostly clay, then you can add manure, peat and sand.

To eliminate acidity, which is in peat, it is recommended to add chalk or lime. Planting tulips is carried out to a depth of three bulbs.


Tulips are in moisture-loving plants, but do not cost much to fill and too dry soil. Basically taking care of tulips is watering with warm (approximately 20°C) separated by water. To exclude watering on the leaves and buds.

Otherwise, it could lead to a weakening of the buds, besides the leaves are formed spots. Best colors between the lines to dig the groove and thus to perform the irrigation. To prevent evaporation of moisture, the groove sprinkled with soil.

Care tulips provides for the application of fertilizers. This is especially true if the precipitation falls in large quantities, because in this case the fertilizer just washed out of the soil.

First it is recommended to apply fertilizer in the spring in dissolved form. This can be a fertilizer containing phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. You need to make about 20 gr./1m2. As for organic fertilizers, it is enough to make from 10 to 50 gr./1m2.

Care tulips need during flowering and after it. This period should be watered at the rate of 10 liter per square. You should also monitor the status colors. The detection of any disease from a plant dug up.

Fit first eye for tulips

The soil should be loosened to prevent peel. Fallen leaves are removed. The stem is cut only after they turn yellow. If this procedure is performed early, the follicle ceases to develop.

Transplant the bulbs should be performed when most of the leaves will turn yellow.

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