Planting and caring for lilacs for the beloved country

lilac planting and care

I remember many years ago when he came to grandma’s for a country station, almost every garden or the gate house were bushes of lilac with white, pink or purple blossoms.

Now, on our street, just my suburban area is decorated with this amazingly beautiful ornamental shrub, though the planting and care of lilac is not complicated.

The Lily – planting and care

Lilac is a relative of the olive trees, it is of the genus oleaceae. Varieties of this shrub many, only about 30 wild species.

Suitable for planting in many regions of Russia, as even the harsh winter transfers, not afraid of drought, water the lilac is only necessary in dry summers.

For landing in the care of the lilac suit any soil, but better slightly alkaline and neutral with good permeability.

Does not like shade, lack of sunlight the shrub growth is slowing, and inflorescences are almost there. Choose a Sunny location, but sheltered from the wind.

Planting lilacs usually done in late summer, early fall, it is believed that this is the best time to plant stuck until frost.

Planting prepare pits of size up to half a meter in depth and the same sidewall, if the earth is poor, it is possible to prepare the pits for planting lilacs deeper to fill them with good soil.

Immediately at the time of planting begins caring for lilacs, together with the soil, add organic matter, compost, manure, wood ash and bone meal. This work is best done in cloudy weather.

After planting, caring for lilacs, you need to keep tree trunks circles of the Bush is not overgrown with weeds, she doesn’t like. In the spring after the snow melts, it is advisable to conduct a soil loosening by the lilacs.

In the first season, although by the middle of July require regular watering. If planting fertilized, then 2-3 years is about feeding you can forget, if I see that bushes develop poorly, it is possible to feed nitrogen-containing fertilizer from the calculation of 30g on a Bush.

After 3 years, in the care of the lilacs, fertilizing already carried out thoroughly since early spring, 3 times added urea for 20g every 20 days. Fall under tree trunks circles can be scattered compost or manure. To keep the lilac from growing, after landing on 3 the holiday season,

planting and care of lilac

start caring for the shoots.

During this period, it starts to increase, and that means it’s time to take up the formation of the crown. In the spring before the formation of the kidney, select a few strong shoots, which are located at a distance from each other and will be the basis of the lilac Bush, and the rest cut.

Those directed into the crown completely, and the rest are shortened. After enough each spring to conduct sanitization.

That’s basically all you need to care for lilacs after planting. This task under the force of each gardener.

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