Planting and caring for conifers in the country

care for conifers

Not many coniferous culture quietly tolerate our climate.

Winter with thaws and frosts can negatively impact many types of cypress, metasequoia and some cedars.

This is one of the main reasons why gardeners with experience recommend to buy planting materials from regional nurseries.

Before you purchase learn not Intrusive, not invasive plant from another country with a more mild climate.

Just making sure that it is grown here, can be considered a treasured instance.

Keep in mind that most conifers will feel better in partial shade, protected from sunlight, and soil to better sand pine, arborvitae, juniper, kiparisovsky – slightly acidic, spruce and clay.

The main failures associated with the cultivation of conifers, occur due to improper planting.

All the pine trees and bushes with open root system can be planted at the end of the active growing season or early spring.

Drying of the roots will necessarily affect bad healing, the same applies to the depth of the root neck.

If the plant is in a container, the planting hole should not be more earthen coma. To compact the soil around the roots is only possible with the help of water, it is recommended for all coniferous, they don’t like a strong seal.

After planting, watering is carried out when the ground settles, pour another, and watered again. So I repeat to completely fill the planting hole. Due to this delicate and sensitive thin roots, remain without damage.

Coniferous plants, especially in the first two summer season needs regular watering, and for better conservation of moisture is carried out mulching the soil around the culture.

A layer of mulch about 8-10cm. This encourages quick rooting. Mulching using compost, sawdust of coniferous plants, bark and so on.

On a cloudy day or in the evening be sure to conduct the spraying, it positively affects the development of plants. In a Sunny, hot day, the spraying is prohibited in order to avoid burns.

By the autumn reduce watering, not to stimulate the growth of young shoots.

The following year, if necessary, conduct formative pruning. Do it in early spring, before the air is warm above 10°C. Thuja can be cut closer to the summer.

From spring burns coniferous culture must be protected for this plant is covered with burlap on the Sunny side.

For the winter to avoid breakage of the crown, because of the snow, plants it is desirable to wrap the ropes, especially for spherical, columnar and goblet forms of conifers.

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