Planting and caring for Apple trees

planting Apple trees

The pits for planting Apple trees it is necessary to dig a width of one meter and a depth of 80 cm.

You then add 2 – 3 buckets of compost and mix it with mineral fertilizers.

Then mix everything carefully with the earth.

Fresh manure is to be paid into the planting hole should not be, because the growth of trees and to slow down.

You should not make nitrogen fertilizers, which in this particular case, a bad influence on the growth of seedlings.For filling the pits it is necessary to use the upper fertile layer of the earth. For this purpose it consists in digging pits on one side and barren on the other.

On the bottom of the pit should be put clay layer, you can put toasted from all sides of the metal cans, pieces of broken bricks and small pieces of broken glass to 15 cm.

This household garbage great effect on the successful growth and fruiting of pear and Apple trees.

Then poured the top layer of soil mixed with humus or compost to 20 cm And again make a layer of clay with household waste of 15 cm, and the top adds another layer of fertile land.


Before landing in the Apple trees pruned knackered and broken parts of the roots, dip them in clay mortar, and put the sapling in the pit.

You need to plant a couple, one was keeping the seedling on the North side of the stake and the second spread the roots and plant the seedling with soil.

Land in the hole you need to stamp down so that the root collar was located 5 cm above the level of the edges of the pit.

Then sapling poured three buckets of water regardless of the weather and around the hole, make the earthen cushion to subsequent irrigation water is not poured beyond.

Then the tree is tied to a peg, and the top is cut to 10-15 cm

Care for an Apple tree

In winter the Apple trees need to hide until the mid or fully spanbonda: this material breathes well and does not bark to upreti, excellent protection from rodents, protects against cold in some way and keeps the crust from the first spring burns.

Watering young trees of Apple trees is necessary only in dry weather, because under constant rain the moisture they typically lack.

But if you need to pour, pour at least 3-5 buckets of water per tree depending on the age and height of the trunk. Care for an Apple tree is needed.

Don’t forget to loosen and to weed land need only within a row of the circle.

And in the autumn before the first frosts it is necessary superficially to dig up the soil in the tree trunks round and more deeply without damaging the roots, beyond.

This is to ensure that the pests lay their larvae in the ground died from frost.

To prevent aphids and other pests on leaves, dead leaves is also necessary to collect, carry off-site and be sure to burn.

All the remaining fruits on trees and leaves after the main Nov also need to pick off and destroy.

In addition, you need to continuously prune the Apple trees in early spring.

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