Planting and care of pear

planting pear

Trees pears, usually above the Apple trees.

But some of them are low and even in the form of bushes with thorns.

In pear fruits high in potassium, and it prevents the accumulation of salts in the kidneys and liver.

Pear juice is used in diabetes and to strengthen capillaries. A tincture made from pear is used as a choleretic and diuretic.

The best time for planting pear trees is April or may. You can, however, be planted and in the fall, but then a high probability of damage by frost.

Best to plant this culture in the South or southwest side of the site, because she loves the warmth and sunshine.

Before planting pears need a good look to cut the dry and broken roots to the white fabric and then dip them in a mash of clay and mullein water.

To dig a hole you need respecting the dimensions 70cm deep and 60 cm in diameter. In the pit to add three buckets of compost, 50 grams of superphosphate and 150 g of potassium chloride. All carefully stir and put the pole.

On the North side of the pole to plant a pear. The neck of the root is to bury, to fruition started on time and not delayed for a long time.

The root collar must be 4 cm above ground level. Around the sapling you need to make a hole and pour back 3 buckets of water. Top over mulch the hole with earth.

If the sapling, in spite of regular watering, will grow slowly pour it on nitrogen fertilizer in a proportion of 10 grams of nitrogen per 7 liters of water.

Care pear

Immediately after planting, the sapling should be cut to a height of 70-90 cm, focusing on your

the eye for the pear

the desire to have high or low bag. It’ll take care of the pear.

It is very important for high yield number of leaves on the tree.

To form a crown pear necessary so that each sheet that is in the sun, working on the harvest, and the sheet that is in the shadows, robs the tree of power.

To feed the right after planting the seedlings, it is necessary not earlier than 5 years. If you spend feeding more often, the trees would grow well, but forget about the harvest.

But the older a tree produces, the more fertilizer it needs.

Nitrogen fertilizers are applied usually in the spring works, and phosphate and potash in the autumn.

Scatter fertilizer in a dry form around the perimeter of the crown and buried in the ground 12 inches.

From pears makes a wonderful jam, candy, jams, cordials and compotes. Good pear and dried.

Autumn pear is good to add to fruit salads and special dishes from meat.

But fresh pears are much healthier for our body!

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