Planting and care of hyacinths

Planting hyacinths

Hyacinth refers to the bulbous plants.

The flower can grow well in the garden and home.

Flowering is a pleasant aroma, and the colors can be anything, starting from white and ending with blue.

But to fully get pleasure from flowering, it is important to accomplish the planting hyacinths.

Important is the fulfillment of all conditions of cultivation, one and the most basic is the choice of the bulb, which must be large and healthy.

The optimal size is the bulb 4-6 cm (depending on variety). Smaller bulbs of hyacinth yellow and fluffy varieties.

A great indicator of the quality of onion is its diameter, which should be about one and a half times wider than the bottom.


Before planting hyacinth bulbs it is recommended to wait about half an hour in the product «Home». In 10 liters of water diluted with 40 gr. For heads with a diameter of 5 cm required area of about 250 cm2.

Before planting the planting material is incubated for two weeks at high temperature, but high humidity.

After that, at a low temperature, about +5°C. And just before planting provides a temperature of +17°C, and more, about a couple of weeks.

Planting hyacinths is accompanied by a specific training. At the bottom of the prepared pot is placed drainage.

Next comes a layer of soil, but not acidic. It can be purchased in finished form or if you wish to cook by yourself.

To do this, compost, leaf and sod land, river sand and peat. It is best that the bulb was located directly on the sandy layer.

Sand to prevent rotting of the root system. Head have to not touch the walls of the pot and each other. The bulbs are covered with soil but the top part should be above the soil.

Plant care

Caring for hyacinths the first time requires low temperatures as long as the heads don’t take root. The sprouts should have a height of approximately two inches or slightly more.

Then transfer the plant to a warmer spot with temperatures from +10°C to +12°C and good lighting.

As soon as buds, hyacinth put on a permanent place, where there are no draughts and radiators. In this place we need to organize a temperature above + 20°C.

After the plant will wither, cut the flower stalk and leave the hyacinth for a while alone, so that its leaves turned yellow and died. Thus, all nutrients will remain in the bulb.

Caring for hyacinths is reduced to the timely watering, as it affects the growth and further flowering.

The soil in the pot should always be moist but without stagnant water. When watering is necessary to ensure that

care of hyacinths

water does not enter the follicle and in the middle of the leaves. Also need to periodically rotate the pot, for more even growth.

Fertilizing is also an equally important step in caring for hyacinths. For this, you can buy a ready-made fertiliser for flowering plants, and fertilize twice a month.

The first time feed in the period of the awakening of the bulbs and continue throughout flowering time.

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