Planting and care of grapes

planting and care of grapes

Planting grapes

 Planting of grapes should be conducted in well ventilated areas where plenty of sun and only as a separate plant, and not give him a place among the bushes or trees.

Favourable for this plant are considered to be sandy soils with the content of gravel, which are well absorb moisture and air.

Well-suited for this sandy loam and loam soils. You can plant vines and along the fence, but to adhere to these wishes.

Planting grapes is produced from seedlings and seedling – growing seedlings with green shoots.

Planting depth from 35 to 65 cm, depending on the climatic conditions of your area. Shoots should be placed 5-10 cm above the ground to exclude the eating of them may cutworms.

In the hole the roots should be okuchit groove, whose width is 75 cm and depth 20 cm This groove contributes to a better heating of the soil and growth of plants.

For these purposes it is possible to make coarse-grained sand in furrows or holes around the landings. You need to make the sand and in the pits, if you have black soil.

The roots of seedlings of the same age and yearlings soaked in the water, choose the two best escape with eyes, and all the other shoots are removed to the ground.

The roots are prepared for planting seedlings are pruned to 15 – 20 cm, placed on a tubercle, which is at the bottom of the pit and gently spread.

The bump is made of fertilizer mixed with the earth. Then the pit fall asleep for a 1/3 of fertilized soil and pour 1-2 buckets of water. After absorption of the water hole to the end covered with earth.

Very good mulching of planting a mound of sawdust. To water only planted grape seedlings need 1-2 times in two weeks, depending on the number of rainy days.

The distance between them should be 1.5 – 2 meters. If the seedlings formed only one escape, topping it, you can increase the number of shoots to the desired level.

Care grape

 Caring for the grapes will not be difficult for experienced growers. Feed the plants suggest chicken manure and complex fertilizers, and the lower leaves from time to time spray with a solution of potassium permanganate.

After watering the soil needs to be loosen and weed. 2-3 weeks before winter frosts the grapes up loose soil and cover with fir or pine legs. This will protect the plant from freezing and rodents.

In the spring remove the cover and open the seedlings need only when you make sure that frost is no longer expected.

It is best for the middle band to open the grape in April. But still more reliable to watch for the beginning of the growing season and then have to open, because this moment for plants is the most important.

At first open the cover of the aisles and only after 4 days open the seedlings. From the shelter before winter depends on the viability and use of plants, and from the opening depends on its yield this year.

I have my own secrets of cooking grapes for the winter. Once the berries were so many that the banks simply did not have enough, and I decided to rinse, separate from the twigs, put in the jars to the top, and pour a thick syrup.

It turned out great. I also tried to cook jam from apples and grapes. Aroma and taste extraordinary!

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