Planting and care of gooseberries

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For planting gooseberries is better to choose a Northern location, but well lit by the sun, because this shrub does not tolerate shady places waterlogged soils.

It is planted generally in spring or autumn.

We should not forget that with spring planting, watering should be more frequent than in autumn.

When planting the seedlings should be standing vertically, and the neck of the root to go deep on 6-8 cm After planting the plants cut it and leave 4-6 buds.

In the first year of planting the gooseberry should give 6 or more shoots. The following year, these shoots need to be shortened by one third.

In 5-6 years, normally developing Bush should have 20 to 30 well-branched branches.

Care gooseberry is loosening, weeding and fertilizing. On feeding the shrub is very responsive.

Under fruit bushes each year to make NPK complex fertilizers in the form of manure.

The manure is buried to a depth of 20 cm once in two years. Loosen the soil around the bushes immediately after it dries in the spring and throughout the summer.

To shed gooseberry recommend 50 cm deep into the soil. However, if the summer was rainy, then watering is not required.


This was also the summer, watering must be done 2 weeks after flowering, then during flowering and after harvesting.

If the fall is also not happy you rain, shed in October again at the soil depth up to one centimeter.

Suggest to increase a crop to plant on a plot of several varieties of gooseberries. If cross-pollination it gives a nice effect.

To propagate it by layering and seedlings – zelenymi. For growing cuttings choose branches at least 10-12 cm long, in the soil make a shallow groove, there slingshots pressed against the branches and sprinkle them on top of the ground.

A year branch of the dig, after cutting off at the base. Then divide by delenki. To each delance was a bundle of roots and a few buds, and again planted in a temporary place for a year.

Only after that, following spring or autumn the plant is transplanted to a permanent place.

Care gooseberry is the annual review of the Bush in spring or autumn and pruning to do sick and old branches.

This is a necessary condition of a good harvest. In one place the gooseberries can grow up to 25 years, but at the first sign of degeneration, need to dig it up, remove dead or diseased roots and branches, divided into several bushes and planting them in new places.

The fruit of gooseberry is very rich in vitamin A and C as well as phosphorus, iron and calcium.

It is possible to prepare delicious compotes, jams and marmalades. Some gardeners made from homemade gooseberry wine.

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