Planting and care of chrysanthemums

planting chrysanthemums

A real decoration of the garden plots have chrysanthemums with beautiful inflorescences, reeds, collected in baskets.

This plant is grown mainly for cut in bouquets but among chrysanthemums and bedding varieties, which frame the garden path or yard with ridges.

Planting chrysanthemums in the garden

Mostly, this representative belongs to the Asteraceae annuals, but in the Russian latitudes are trying to cultivate chrysanthemum Korean with years of lifestyle.

Planting chrysanthemums is held usually in the open ground, but you can find pot method of growing of a flower. Sometimes for cultivation of this culture use the seeds, sowing them on the ground in the fall.

But most of all apply cluster division, as well as rooting cuttings in peat or sand. In this case the process was more active, it is recommended to use hormones.

In planting chrysanthemums not the last place is given to site selection. It should be fairly lit area, because culture refers to the long-day plants.

So do not interfere in the plot additional lighting to artificially extend daylight hours.


As for soil, it should be fairly well fertilised. As an alternative to the purchase of mineral dressing is well suited humus in the soil must be made in advance.

Planting chrysanthemums is carried out at a distance of 30 cm between plants. Can be transplanted to a new place a flowering Bush in August.

Some owners in the winter the plant is transferred into the house or heated greenhouse, digging it along with a lump of earth and moving in a large pot. In the spring the Bush is back in the garden.


The main point in the cultivation of chrysanthemums is cuttings. A healthy, well developed plants are cut aboveground parts, which is planted in a pot with soil.

If this shoots to choose the number of sheets not less than 6 months. Cut into cuttings of a length of from 5 to 10 cm, they are treated with a special mixture of IAA and talc, and then planted in sand or peat to a depth of 2 cm.

Rooting of cuttings should be performed at additional lighting fluorescent lamps. Once the stem cuttings will start to grow it can be transplanted into the open ground before it after hardening.

Care for chrysanthemums

After will be planting chrysanthemums, basic care will be to maintain moderate humidity. This culture does not tolerate dryness of the soil and begins to quickly fade. But harmful chrysanthemum and the stagnant water can rot the roots.

planting chrysanthemums

After each irrigation is loosening the soil. We cannot allow the Bush overgrown weeds, so weeding should be regular – every decade.

During the development of the chrysanthemum conducting pins, at least, make two. Thus it forms a compact Bush.

If the perennial will not be carried into the room, leaving open ground for the winter, after cutting the last buds of the shrub shelter of fallen leaves or dry sawdust.

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