Planter for flowers with their hands

Pots with their hands

A large number of flowers on the windowsills and in the garden make the surroundings more intimate.

But if by flower pots to give an unusual appearance, interior or landscape of the area will be amazingly cute and original.

Planter for flowers

Pots are a part of the decor.Directly to plant flowers in them is not recommended because usually this capacity is not intended a hole for drainage (if kashpo – «hollow» the vessel) or that the pot will not hold the land (if pots, for example — netting stitch).

Some growers are still limited to a pretty pots of metal or plastic, mounted on pallets.

But, believe me, flower, «Peeps» from unusual the original pots, it will look more impressive.

Beautiful planters that fit into your interior, sold in stores: floral. And pots with vegetation, installed decorative vases will look quite nice.

Made with my own hands things that can add charm and such a trivial thing as a planter for flowers.

The most familiar example of decorating flower pots is a macramé openwork weave of thick threads or clotheslines.


Pots are all, at first glance, it would seem, is not suitable for this. All depends on your imagination.

Planter for flowers with their hands

Look around and look at every thing that surrounds you, a new look – suddenly you have an idea for them to find another destination.

Believe me, decorative planters, if desired, easily made from almost anything.

  • Wooden or plastic boxes, painted in mixed colors or decorated with mosaics (applique), it’s so simple.
  • Even the containers of their products (bags and cans) will be an original look in the form of pots, if you apply a little on them.
  • About the use of plastic bottles in the home is possible even not to mention once again – they are already actively used in decorating.
  • It is not necessary to throw out the old pipe, are freed after the repair – they make an unusual stand under the room (and not only) flowers.
  • If somewhere in the attic lying around vinyl records, with a flame of a gas burner can be turned into interesting containers under the flower pots.
  • Nature also can come to the rescue: stumps, logs, growths on tree branches – if they acquire the desired shape, you have pretty pots with their hands under the flowers.


Pots with their hands

Before you get rid of unnecessary things, think first: do not prolong life in a new way?

Furniture, broken toys, unwanted floppy disks, shoes, even bicycles – all can be turned into a stand.

Them to weave even from old Newspapers, it would wish and would work fantasy.

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