Plant-insect repellents (repellent flies, mosquitoes, Colorado potato beetle)

plants deter mosquitoes

Almost all insects to find plants for food and reproduction, guided by the smell.

But exist in nature and for garden plants-repellentsthat can prevent pests to find their desired plants.

Every Amateur gardener can plant plants-repellents in your garden to protect crops against intruders.

Applied method of mixed plantings, when in the same bed or on a nearby carry out planting vegetables from different cultures, which create a natural barrier, spreading the peculiar smell driving away from each other insects.

To the delight of gardeners, there are plants repellent repellent flies, mosquitoes, Colorado potato beetle. They can be spread around the house, porches, gazebos and so on. They did not fully protect, but significantly reduce the number of flies and mosquitoes can.

Spectacular castor planted in the meadow near the porch or near the house, will give a calm summer evenings relaxing in the open air — it repels mosquitoes.

If you put her near water, breeding mosquitoes will slow down. Tansy repels not only mosquitoes, but also annoying flies, especially in the summer heat be a real torment.

In addition, flies are afraid of the root, but it is necessary to be careful in the heat when in contact with leaves may irritate the skin. So it will be more useful if you put

plants repel flies

it around the toilet, piles of manure, and so on.

The flowers are nasturtiums have a slightly peppery taste and a pleasant fresh aroma. They are combined with cream cheese and cheeses, they are put in meat dishes, desserts, salads.

You can indulge her sweet flowers in winter and nasturtium sugar. And the flowers can be frozen in ice cubes – they add originality to any beverage and look very impressive.

In addition to this practical use, it also deters aphids, whitefly, caterpillars of cabbage butterflies, Colorado potato beetle. While being very low-maintenance plant, the nasturtium has many varieties of various colors.

In the garden you can plant wormwood, so you don’t have to fight with the ant hills, pouring them with boiling water, and all some chemistry.

In the same way ants and whiteflies don’t like mint. You can throw the approaches to food pantries cut mint, it will protect from the invasion of ants.

Try to put the islets in potato rows of marigolds, Catnip, coriander, nasturtium, onion, tansy, horseradish, beans vegetable — they deter the Colorado potato beetle.

Aphids can’t stand the smell of aromatic herbs, especially mint and Catnip, followed by onion, marigold, garlic, nasturtium, coriander, mustard, fennel.

For the winter in the cellar on top of the potatoes to scare away the mice can be expanded wormwood, garlic. Also wormwood is effective against moths, and she does not like rosemary, lavender, sage.

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