Placing indoor plants around the house

Placing indoor plants around the house

Kitchen. One of the most reasonable and natural place for growing fresh greens for the table is, of course, the kitchen.

You can not dwell only on parsley, for example, and to plant not less than the required aromatic herbs such as tarragon, everyone’s favorite Basil, and refreshing mint.

Float all their imagination, because you can even grow potatoes, which will give the original flowers — very extravagant for apartment flats.

If you want to make your kitchen sparkle with bright colors, enough to plant azaleas and geraniums. However, it should be remembered that such plants are very fastidious, and fear of excess wind blows and Chad stoves.

Living room. If your interior is and the size of your living room allow you to place any houseplants, you should choose a surround spectacular (palm trees, ficus, dracaena). They are suitable for classics and know-how of interiors.

Just in a more modern version need to place them on the monotonous background and the original stainless steel. If you do not have a very large living room and would love any way to make it visually more, feel free to choose in a flower shop hanging ivy, potted birch or other types of climbing plants. Perfectly fit into the interior and will be nice to hang strands out of their pots.

Bedroom. In order not to cause feeling of irritation in your comfortable place to stay, never place plants with strong-smelling odor.

Stylish and unusual will look like the layout in the bedroom when the larger house plant is in the middle but more thin and small — from the edge on both sides.

It is also possible to arrange the room the same species but different shades of the sheets (very easy to find the right assortment at the flower shop).

The children’s room. It is important to realize that the choice of colors in this room should be the most thorough and demanding. Can not be put in the room to the children plants with a pungent aroma, check carefully all the names and characteristics of flowers, since so many species of poisonous and hazardous to health.

We should not forget about cactus, prickly kinds are generally unacceptable for children. For older children, on the contrary, the cactus is quite appropriate, and will fulfill a useful role in absorbing radiation from computers and accessories.

Hall or hallway. Because this room often has no Windows, and natural light is not available, then the selection of flowers you have to stay on plants that prefer shade.

It might be an aspidistra, Spathiphyllum. About every ten days we need to rest the plant, put in lighted place.

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