Pittosporum care at home


Pittosporum – evergreen ornamental deciduous shrubs or small trees that belong to the family of Pittosporaceae (Solomennikova).

The genus includes about 150 plants.

In the wild Pittosporum or solomennyi common in subtropical and tropical regions of China, Japan, and Australia.

In the pot the plant is grown up to a meter height, and then adjust the height of the regular scraps.

Pittosporum in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

Although in the wild, Pittosporum not afraid of the bright sun, at home maintenance it calls for some shading.

Well pet can be understood by his «appearance». If the light is low, the leaves will start to fall off, if the lighting is too bright, the leaves rise up vertically and form a beautiful flat sheet spiral is completely gone.

In the winter, Pittosporum at home in need of highlighting a fitolamp. Light day need at least 13 hours.


Summer the temperature of the contents of Pittosporum are between 18 and 22 degrees of heat, but not more, because intense heat is detrimental to the plant. In the winter to ensure dormancy, the temperature was lowered to 7-10 degrees.

Watering of Pittosporum

The plant can easily transfer small drought, but too dry it is not worth it. Watering is carried out after drying the soil at 2-3 cm in depth.

In winter, a home allow it to dry out half of the volume pot. Shading the plants will lead to decay of the root system and death of the plant.

Need to spray the plant in particularly hot days in the case of too dry air in the room.


Pittosporum in the home feed only during active growth. To do this, use mineral and organic fertilizers 1 alternately every 2 weeks.

Transplantation and propagation of Pittosporum

Transplant «young» need annual. The new pots should be larger in diameter. Since transplantation is a big stress for Pittosporum, it is carried out very carefully, trying not to destroy the earth com.

After the slowdown transplant carried out as necessary, and in between her replace the top few inches of soil.

Pittosporum, propagated by seeds or cuttings. The first method is rather complicated and often inexperienced gardeners may not realize it.

In addition, the seedlings grow slowly Pittosporum and this reproduction is used only in the nurseries to obtain simultaneously a large number of plants.

To use cuttings semilignified apical shoots, which are cut with a length of approximately 10 cm.

They are planted in vermiculite or coarse sand, previously treated with stimulants

Pittosporum care at home

rooting. Rooting occurs within a month.

Pests of Pittosporum and fight with them

Very rarely pests appear on the plant. The most frequent «guest» — spider mites.

When it is detected the crown of Pittosporum washed thoroughly under a warm shower, and then treated with insecticide.

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