Pineapple — home care


Pineapple — ornamental deciduous plant of the family Cactaceae.

Belongs to the genus of herbaceous perennials, there are about 9 types.

In the culture of the pineapple is grown mainly in Europe and mainly in greenhouses and greenhouses.

As a potted plant growers in their majority prefer pineapple krupnokuskovoy.

«Variegated pineapple» stands out for its peculiar structure. On the axis of the inflorescence is formed where the upper escape, are formed the leaves, in natural conditions, can reach up to 2 meters, around the edge they are prickly.

The sheets in turn form a rosette. Their color may be variegated stripes, sometimes pink or gray-green. Flowers are tight enough spiral.

Ovaries fused together, forming a fruit. These inflorescences and the fruits are pineapples, they are edible.

At home, the growing of pineapple as ornamental plants is not very complex, the main difficulty, of making full use of the fruit. The task is difficult and not everyone on the shoulder.

Prefers South-facing location. Like good lighting, the intensity of light depends on the brightness of the color of leaves. The lack of light, the leaves will be dull, but also the plant will grow and develop.

The optimum temperature for the contents of the pineapple is in the range of +20 to 22°C. In winter, is favourable slight decrease in temperature to +18°C, below is not recommended.

Long stay in the room at +15°C and below, may adversely affect the plant. Hypothermia, especially of the root system, should not be allowed.

The perfect soil mixture for the pineapple consists of leaf and humus soil, humus and sand in the ratio 2:2:2:1.

You can buy ready-made soils, suitable zemlesmes «bromeliads». Watering must be moderate during the season, only for a period of rest the amount of water may be decreased somewhat.

It is desirable to use acidified water to pH 5-6. Pineapple likes high humidity, therefore it needs daily spraying, and if the air is dry, then twice a day.

In the summer the pot should be put on the tray filled with water on the gravel. Like many houseplants, the essential organic pineapple dressing.

Fertilizers are applied in summer 2 times a month during the spring and autumn 1 time. Winter do not feed. In compliance with all requirements, the plant may start producing in 4th year.

Replanting is carried out every year in a pot larger, only by way of transshipment, without damaging the root system. When transplanting root neck deepened by 5 mm.

The most popular pest pineapple scale insects and spider mites. With abundant irrigation may appear spotting.

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