Pigs Landrace is one of the best meat breeds

Pigs Landrace

This breed of pig is bacon usaspecial purpose breed with the smallest presence of fat.

By crossbreeding the surrounding rocks and a large white was developed in the Danish Landrace breed.

Wild boar can reach 300 kg, and pig within 250 kg and often produces 12 piglets.

Up to six months to accumulate 100 kg. animal Fat does not exceed 20 mm thickness the Yield of pure meat is about 70%.

The Landrace breed is characterized by its demands on the conditions of detention.

Incorrect feeding and maintenance can affect prolificacy and fertility of animals.

Although this breed ideal for crossing with large white and other breeds.

Two hybrids and three varieties of rocks have a much better performance in meat quality than their purebred relatives.

The precocity and the quality of the meat is enhanced by crossing pigs as a third breed.

Many meat breeds, in particular Landrace are considered to be picky about food.

Feeding pigs of Landrace

Food should be varied and protein to be balanced. As a rule, are present in the feed animal and vegetable ingredients, dairy products, fish flour.

Also very nutritious is barley, so it also should be administered in feed.

Experienced farmers suggest the basis of feed put feed, with natural ingredients should be added a La carte.

To feed a good pig Landrace, to about 270 kg of feed per year.

Despite the fact that the beef breed less demanding to stern, she is much more sensitive to quality and its composition.

For this reason, in addition to animal feed and natural ingredients to add to food vitamin complexes and mineral supplements.

The content of the Landrace

The conditions of detention practically no different from the content other breeds.

Still, the Landrace breed is more susceptible to stress, therefore this breed needs more rest. To exclude the presence of other people, and to protect from unnecessary noise.

In Russia, farmers have adapted to contain a Landrace on the so-called deep litter.

This approach allows to reduce the cost of construction of sheds and their maintenance, and

Pigs Landrace

virtually eliminates energy costs.

The advantages of the breed include the Farrow, great quality meat, high weight gain, early maturity and sociable character.

The disadvantages include a tendency to stress, the demands on the stern, the weakness of the Constitution.

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