Picket fence with their hands

picket fence with their hands

Lyubimaya dacha is a place where you can relax from the urban bustle, enjoy the fresh air and to spend at least a weekend in harmony with nature.

If your vacation home you built out of wood, it would be logical to make a picket fence with his hands, he should fit into the landscape of your garden.

Picket fence with their hands

Variants of construction of picket fence set, we will tell you about one of them that combines a nice appearance and does not require large financial costs.

The fence is wooden slats with a width of from about 6cm to 15cm., which are nailed to the transom.

To comply with a certain size gap between the fence leave the width of one Board. At continuous the method of fixing the gap will not leave.

Such a fence is often put, if close is the road to keep the dust from falling on the site, or want to hide the beauty of the garden from prying eyes.

Another option is the installation of the picket fence with their hands, called «checkerboard», that is, Reiki is stuffed with different sides of the longitudinal beams. The same variant with the interval is called a «checkerboard» with a gleam.


The recent great success with the cottagers enjoyed a decorative wooden lattice. It is suitable not only for intake, but the design or fencing flower beds, garden etc inside the suburban area.

Reiki in this decorative grille is punched at a 45° angle, which gives the product a sense of lightness and airiness.

The process of installing a picket fence with their hands is quite simple and requires no special skills and craftsmanship.

In addition to a cross bar of fence, we need supports. For this purpose perfectly suited wooden posts and metal pipes.

On the marked area do the deepening of 0.8 m. it is Better in diameter

picket fence with their hands

supports, hand drill. The distance between the posts is not more than 2.5 m.

Before driving the columns, underground part preferably prosmolit. In metal you want to weld plate with hole for fixing the longitudinal beam.

Now mount the cross-bars. On the fence up to 1.5 meters is sufficient 2 if above 3 bar. Until the frame fills the fence, one flight ready, and so on.

If you plan to put a picket fence tall and solid, it is better to pour the Foundation, otherwise, a few years from exposure to wind and its own weight can tilt. Lite version – just zabetonirovana posts.

In completion put a fence made of wooden fence should be treated with antiseptic, so it will last you much longer and will not rot.

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