Pick young shoots

swordplay seedlings

To get good roots in wild seedlings, especially from seed, they need to dive.

The so-called transplanting young seedlings to another place.

Bikeroutes seedlings at a young age, when the seedlings first pair of young leaves (about mid-may), not counting the two cotyledon leaves.

Ridges under the pick process the current is the same as for crops, the entire depth of the arable layer.

If the land is lean, it should be fertilized with humus, only on strong soil it is possible to grow good wildings.

The land on the ridges of the break and carefully leveled with a rake. Across the ridges make for marking rows at a distance of 20cm from each other. The seedlings are planted at a distance of 5-6cm.

The goal of transplantation is to give the plants a large area of supply, as the stairs are usually thick; owing to the same pruning of the tips of the roots can get a strong extensive root system.

Before you pick carefully, without tearing the roots, dig up the seedlings and cut the third piece of the root.

So the roots are not dried, the seedlings are placed in a flower pot or box and sprayed with water. They are then transferred into the garden and seated.

The best time to pick a cloudy day, the evening or morning. The pick is carried out as follows. Pegs(2 cm and a thickness of 18-20 cm in length) make a hole with a depth of about 6-7cm.

Then the seedlings carefully

swordplay seedlings

take two fingers of the left hand for cotyledonary leaves and freely lowered into the hole so that the roots do not bend.

Then stick the pegs nearby, sloping to the hole and tightly pressed against the ground.

Raspolirovat thus a bed, it is now abundantly watered, not to the seedlings withered. Watering is made several times(unless it rains) until the seedlings take root.

Plant the seedling at the depth up to the level of cotyledon leaves. When growing rootstocks without picks, at a time when the seedlings develop true leaves 1-2, conduct thinning of seedlings.

The distance between the staying plants when thinning give 5-6 cm for pome and 6-8 cm for the stone.

Pulled out when thinning plants raspolirovyvayut but prepared for this purpose area. Swordplay dychkiv, it is quite time consuming.

When crops of field without picking pruning of roots can be produced on the spot, not removing wild seedlings out of the ground.

There are several types podrezaya the roots of the blades. Can also be used for any long, sharp knife.

When working with a knife like that needs to be complied with the following conditions:

  • sowing seeds on a clean space with well-treated soil assorted seeds in which work uniform and harmonious growth;
  • uniform placement of seed when sowing, which allows the pruning of roots at the same depth;
  • mandatory watering after pruning.


swordplay seedlings

When grown these seedlings from seeds of cultivated varieties (Antonovka, Anise), provided loose and nutritious soil, pruning the roots could not be done, since the seedlings of these seeds and no pruning form a fairly extensive root system.

Pruning is especially necessary when growing seedlings from seeds of wild Apple, gives long tap root without branching.

Seedlings of stone fruit species (cherries and plums) are usually grown without picks and give good branched roots.

During the summer you need to spend at least 4-5 loosening the soil with a weeding weeds are. The first two are made loosening at the depth of 4-5 cm,the follow-on 6-8 see

For loosening and shelves in rows with a row and two row sowing used a narrow hoes or hoes with a carriageway width of up to 16 cm.

Hoeing between the rows is conducted in a conventional horse planets.

Good results are obtained by watering twice during the summer slurry, diluted 4-5 times with water or liquid nitrogen fertilizer, for example ammonium nitrate at the rate of 1.5 kg per 1 ha

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