Phlox — growing in the garden in the country

Phlox growing

Phlox is a perennial plant from 50 to 150 centimeters in height.

They bloom from 15 – 20 July until late autumn, and the fragrance and beauty not inferior to the roses.

In our country practiced the cultivation of Phlox comes in two varieties: paniculate and subulate.

Paniculata variety looks good in the flower beds around the garden gates, or as decorative inclusions in the garden.

Phlox subulate has only 10-15 cm tall and forms a carpet covered in small flowers.

This kind is good to use in the form of lawn, edging flower beds, in the composition on the Alpine slide. It blooms for 35 days.

Planted the Phlox cuttings or delinkage. Without a transplant the bushes can grow in one place for up to four years, and then the middle part of the root begins to come out and bloom becomes less abundant and gradually leads to degeneration.

So after 4 years it needs to be transplanted to another place. Choose planting sites where there is enough light and no water stagnation. In addition, the phloxes do not tolerate drafts.

It is best to repot the plants in may. Dig the hive, divide it into several parts, and ensure that each telenok had 3-4 buds with good roots.

With a careful and proper approach to this case, the grower may receive up to twenty Zelenkov one plant.

This method of planting is good to use in autumn. But cuttings with a «heel,» it is desirable to multiply them only in the spring.

Care is watering, tilling and fertilizing during the summer season. Grow Phlox very quickly, if the site and soils meet their requirements.

Winter Phlox well, if forecasters are «threatened» severe frosts without snow, it is better to cover the top with leaves, peat or spruce paws.

Remove winter cover suggest in mid-April, when the threat of frost has passed. There are about a thousand varieties of Phlox, some of them bloom in may, some

Phlox growing

blooms in June and continue to bloom until cold weather.

Phlox Aurora with dark red flowers and white blooms in mid-July. To these July flowers include varieties such as Africa, Panama, New.

In August varieties bloom Spring, Viking, and others. Bouquets of Phlox standing in the water for a very long time and remain a pleasant and delicate aroma.

Of course, for festive bouquets are not used, but it looks decently in the apartment any lover of flowers.

Therefore, individual areas of the garden suggest to take for planting for cut flowers, and to include in this «company» Phlox, so as not to spoil slices appearance of flower beds or flower bed.

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