Phlebodium — growing ferns at home


When it comes to «pharmacy on the windowsill», many imagine Aloe or Kalanchoe.

And few people know that there is such amazing plant Phlebodium.

Its healing properties used in medical practice, even the tribes of the Maya.

In natural conditions the representative Fern leads a parasitic way of life, criss-crossing their branched creeping roots and trunks of trees.

The plant is grown specifically for decoration of the premises, planted in a special substrate with the addition of pine turf.

Phlebodium — care tips plant

 Location and lighting

Phlebodium creeping plant that is developing rapidly. So fern you need to provide enough space for growth.

The lighting plant is not demanding. Phlebodium feels comfortable in partial shade, and on a brightly lit windowsill. Therefore, this plant is used for the decoration of window frames, greenhouses, winter gardens.


Fern plants easily tolerate any temperature. Therefore, special conditions to create for them there is no need.

If there is a desire to Phlebodium split and in the winter time, the room should not lower the temperature below +18°C.

But it is better not to disturb nature and to allow the plant to «sleep», the maintenance in the room +14°C.

Watering and humidity

As the rhizomes of Phlebodium located on the surface of the earth substrate, sufficient moisture, they can dry out. So water the plant regularly.

But water the soil under the roots should moderate, not peruviana her to not to go to the opposite extreme – rotting the roots.


During the growth period (i.e. from spring to mid-autumn) Phlebodium can feed fertilizers.

This should take into account that the soil under the roots of the plants should be neutral or at least slightly acidic. To make liquid fertilizer needs no irrigation and during irrigation of plant roots.

Transplantation and propagation

Young individuals of Phlebodium change every 12 months (in the spring) to a new, larger die. Adults of the same fern – as needed. At the same time, making handling the plant, it is necessary to consider the direction of growth of shoots.

In the process of transplantation has grown Phlebodium can be divided into several parts with a full root system and to separate in different bowls. If you’re lucky to collect the spores, you can sow them.

Pests and fight with them


Fern plants are resistant to different kinds of pests. But under certain circumstances, the annoying Phlebodium scale insects.

Diseased plants in the affected areas are treated with a soap solution.

In an advanced situation it is better to use insecticidal compositions.

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