Philodendron — care at home


Those who want to visit the jungle, but can’t afford it, create a house area of the fauna of the humid forests of Latin America.

In addition to its exotic palm trees you can find here are actively crawling on the trunks of decorative beautiful large-leaved vines.

Monsteroideae plant is called a Philodendron. In Greek it sounds like «tree of love».

Perhaps with the emergence of this epiphyte in a house located real happiness.

Philodendron care tips

 Location and lighting

Place the Philodendron so that the plant does not get direct sunlight. It is better to decorate Liana opposite from the window angle, which will create the necessary partial shade.

Are developing well, these representatives of the Araceae and in artificial light. But as for drafts, the Philodendron capricious. So outside in the summer it is better not to make.


And if from lack of natural light the plant does not suffer, then to heat the vine is very demanding. Even in summer, the Philodendron, a temperature of not less than 24°C.

In the dormant period (winter) the indoor temperature should be kept moderate, but not below +18°C. the Sharp decrease in temperature can kill the plant.

Watering and humidity

The higher the ambient temperature, the more humid must be the air in the room. Aerial roots by which «moves» the plant is one of the sources of moisture. Therefore, they must constantly irrigate.

In addition, irrigated leaves of the Philodendron and decorative mossy trunk support. In other words, watering the land of the substrate is conducted as needed, but the control of air humidity must be constant.


Mineral substances in the earthen substrate, the Philodendron is not enough. So 2 times a month in the warm season the vine should «feed» the complex additives. To make organics have already watered the ground, trying not to get into aerial roots.

The concentration of the solution is better to make the weak, so as not to burn through» the plant. It is not in the quantity of fertilizer and in the regularity of feeding. Not received in time, the power may weaken the Philodendron.

Even in winter, if the room is warm enough, 1 time in the month to bring the soil fertilizer (low nitrogen concentration).

Transplantation and propagation

In the first 3 years of life Philodendron seedlings every spring to a larger pot. Then it is done in 3-4 years with replacement land of the substrate.

When the plant gets large enough, and it will be difficult to transplant, limited only to replacement of topsoil.Methods of breeding creepers lot: seeds, cuttings, sprouts, stem fragments with the presence of several nodules, even air layering.

Plant material until the appearance of roots kept in moist sand (sometimes with the addition of peat) under glass.

Pests and fight with them

A healthy plant is rarely affected by pests flower. But once you violate the terms of the care of the Philodendron, as it immediately attack spider mites, thrips, scale insects.

To deal with them with a soap solution with the subsequent shower. In severe cases, the affected areas treated with Malathion.

But you can use folk remedies in the fight against parasites. For example, well helps Philodendron mustard composition.

To prepare 10 liters of a solution, you need 0.5 liters of boiling water brew 1 tbsp of powder, to insist 3 days in a dark place and then pour in a bucket of water.

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