Petunia diseases and their treatment

Petunia diseases and their treatment

Every gardener dreams that his garden was the most beautiful.

Planting, for example, Petunia wants to wait for their flowering and get pleasure from it, but it is not always possible to achieve this.

Pets, for some reason become ill and even perish, what is the reason?

Diseases of petunias

Petunias often suffer bacterial, viral and fungal diseases. And although Petunia is considered a strong herb, it may also be ill.

All this must be taken into account for each grower, if he decided to grow on your lot the beautiful Petunia.

Bacterial and viral diseases of petunias

Despite the fact that these diseases affect Petunia quite rare, the plant is capable of transmitting the infection to their neighbours.» This can occur during watering, improper care, and even with insects.

As a result, if you do not fight the diseases, troubles to the gardener provided.

Which is disease and what is manifest:

Leafy galls. Disease can be noticed at the base of the stems of Petunia. In this place there is a large amount of thick, but short shoots.

Besides the main stem ceases to grow and is not growing, also the formation of flowers is negligible. Virulence remains on the plants and in the soil.

Cucumber mosaic virus. With the defeat of the Petunia is in a depressed state. The flowers are quite small and covered with grey or yellow spots.

The leaves studded with pale and dark green spots like a mosaic. A plant with this disease does not bloom.

Tobacco mosaic virus. Unhealthy Petunia flowers are smaller than normal, disrupted their development. On leaves you notice uneven spots. Flowers affected gray and white stripes.

Measures to combat diseases

All plants affected by viral and bacterial diseases should be immediately removed and destroyed.

Fungal diseases of petunias

Black leg. The disease can occur when excessive humidity, very dense planting, heat and improper soil acidity.

Events barbitone need to be watered moderately, avoid dense planting. To balance the acidity of the soil, nitrogen fertilizers must be normal to avoid infection diseased plants should be removed.

Petunia diseases and their treatment

Gray mold. Causes of illness are the same as in the «black legs», but you can still add the inadequate lighting.

Events burbakladet for stability to temperature, evenly watered petunias and, if necessary, to thin.

Powdery mildew. The disease appears with sudden drop in temperature, excessive humidity and insufficient light. On flowers of white color emerges.

Measures petunias need to remove all the white part and you need to remove the top layer of soil. In the preventive purposes it is possible to work the soil solution, «Fundazol».

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