Pests weevils, the fight against them


Cherry weevil is a beetle yellow-green-Burgundy color, the surface of which is covered with sparse hair.

Larva yellow-whitish. The head is brown.

To prevent cherry trees suggest to clean the old bark, thus destroying the already delayed larvae and pupae and space for the propagation of the pest.

In the spring you should tie the trees hunting zones, and in the morning shake and faces beetles and destroy.

Shake need to be repeated every five days up to four times a month. In late July, the spoiled fruit and left the larvae to be collected, and to destroy.

Beetles during the summer should be sprayed with a solution of coniferous, with decoction of wormwood, and yarrow, tomato and cucumber leaves.

You can also use other methods of struggle acceptable to the trees – for example, pesticides. But such spraying should be done after harvest.

Raspberry-strawberry weevil, the pollen beetle

This pest plant has a gray — black coloration and an elongated proboscis-like head. He has grey legless larva. And pupa is at first white, and then noticeably yellow.

To prevent the occurrence of this pest in the first place can be planted next to the raspberries and strawberries.

Regularly review the flower buds of strawberry and raspberry and drop the beetles and larvae from inflorescences. Sow the Welsh onion around the edges of the plantations of raspberries and separately in the edges of garden beds with strawberries.

You can spray the bushes and the strawberry infusion of ash or a solution of tar soap. But you can just put some plants nasturtiums, marigolds or marigolds, that pungent smell will deter pests.

The use of pesticides should only be undertaken in the autumn to destroy the future generation of pests.

Affordable and safe methods of combating the weevil. Next to the accumulation of pests, you can dig a trap.

the larvae of dovhonosy


Put in a deep bowl straw on the bottom, the insects themselves will fall into the trap and from there out.

The most effective against the larvae of weevils are possible with nematodes, these drugs can be bought in a specialty store.

Powder nematodes should be diluted with water for irrigation and left to stand for 1.5 hours. Then fill with water to the desired amount and stir.

Now you can pour amazed by the larvae of a weevil of the plant. In contact with this water, the pests will die.

This should be done after sunset or in cloudy weather.

To apply this solution to plants from early spring to late autumn, and in the period may-June in the garden and in the garden at the cottage.

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