Pests plum – methods to combat the most dangerous parasites

Pests of plums

All horticultural crops are valuable for human health. But they are sick themselves, if they are bad to maintain.

In addition, fruit trees are nuisance and pest, causing severe crop damage.

So the primary concern of gardeners is pest control and prevention, protects against their attacks.

The main pests of plum

Plum is very sensitive to parasites that prevent. To make it easier to deal with enemies, they should «know in person»:

The aporia Crataegi – a fairly large butterfly with white wings gillatime. In itself it is harmless – it’s all in her «descendants».

This aporia Crataegi pupa, especially those that were in last year’s letter for the winter.

In the spring they start to Wake up and eat the buds of trees. Morphed into butterflies, make a fresh laying on the leaves of plum.

The caterpillars have crawled out of the cocoon, have a hairy body to a half centimeter in length.

Learn them easily – along the back decorated with yellow and black stripes. Caterpillars boyaryshnitsy is a real gourmand: very quickly destroys the leaves.

The brown-tail – this butterfly a little smaller. Abdomen covered with fine hairs.

Dark hairy caterpillars body dotted with white spots and red warts.

They as well as aporia Crataegi, feeding on buds and young leaves of plum. There’s also do masonry and pupae.

Raspberry cane moth lays green eggs speckled. Emerging from them, the caterpillars can completely gnaw swollen kidneys.

They feed on rosettes of leaves and flower buds. In addition, can cause great harm to the tree, gnawing in the young branches moves.

Mucous Sawfly is shiny black color. His larvae «are» dirty-green outfit covered with dark slime.

The laying of eggs the female makes in the inner cavity leaf. When the young pupate, it begins to feed on the flesh and veins of the leaves.

Plum fruit moth can be identified by its wings: the front in grey apples» rear with fringe. Laying the female makes in the fruit of plum.

Adult red one and a half inch caterpillars devour the flesh of the plum. The globs of gum on the fruit is the proof that it was visited by the moth.

Aphid dangerous because it settles in large colonies, which in a matter of seconds to destroy the plum leaves. Then on this place there is a sooty fungus.

If aphids do not fight, the tree will not only cease to yield – it can die.

Means of pest control, plum

The primary means of pest control are preventive measures that are carried out in the autumn, after leaf fall and in the spring, before the disclosure of the kidneys: the destruction of fallen leaves, the ten-day loosening the soil near the tree trunk,

Pests of plums

the use of hunting zones, and surveying the destruction of the winter nests.

Definitely need to spray the plants as chemicals («Akhtar», «Malathion», «Actelec» ), and means of biological origin (broth of pepper, tomato or potato leaves, infusion of wormwood, tobacco, garlic).

Good result give soapy solutions (it is better to take potassium soap) with the addition of paraffin oil or kerosene.

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