Pests of tomatoes control measures

Pests of radish

Although the radish is attractive not so many pests as other vegetables, but they are, and have the ability to destroy most of the harvest.

Good assistant in the fight against various diseases is the crop rotation, it is impossible to plant in the garden radish in one season on the same bed.

The main beach of radish can be called cruciferous flea beetles – little bugs, tend to have darker color, well jumping from one place to another.

They damage leaves of radish (made holes in them). In the case of reaching the critical size of damage to the foliage of the plant, it abruptly stops their own growth and may even die.

The root matured, not growing to a specified size. Especially flea beetles should take care of the germination of radishes.

Otherwise, the crops can be completely destroyed (eaten). Adult plants still have the ability to tolerate some degree of flea beetles. Especially in hot and dry weather pests are most active.

Early crops of radishes all have a chance to yield before mass appears cruciferous flea beetles.

Fighting flea is by biological means. The first of which is spraying the leaves with a solution of wood ash.

And to prepare a solution as follows: a 10 l bucket filled with water, and it is necessary to add soap 50 grams and about 2 glasses of preferably fresh ash. Everything is mixed.

Some gardeners use this method easier. Just typed in shovel ash, and rastreskivaetsja over the beds.

And for some time the flea is necessary to limit its malicious activity. Effective and is considered the second method. It is replaced by the ashes of tobacco dust.

It should be noted immediately that the search for tobacco dust will still need to run the stores, and to pay for it will have, though cheap, but still.

And the ash of its own, usually goes to us for free. However, these methods have low efficiency.

The most effective method is treatment with insecticide, for example, INTA-veer.

Should do this only in extreme cases, when a sufficiently high threat of destruction of crops, only radish, refers to medium-sized varieties, ripening 25 days. By the way, it should be the young shoots.

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