Pests of pear and fight with them

Pests of pear and fight with them

Spring in the garden along with gardens Wake up and harmful insects.

These uninvited guests can cause a great damage to the crops and the fruit trees, if not timely take appropriate measures.

Pests of pears, apples, plums very voracious.

They suck juices from plants, eat leaves and fruit, ruining the crust than the cause enormous damage to trees and reduce the harvest.

Most common pests:

  • green aphids – very small insects, sucking the life force from the leaf of the pear; multiplies rapidly and forms a whole colony on the reverse side of the sheet. Sweet selection of aphids is attractive to ants, which carry it throughout the tree. Therefore, the fight against aphids should be carried out in combination with the control of fire ants;
  • listobloshek or otherwise, pear sucker, it feeds on cell SAP of plants, like aphids this insect secretes a sweet substance, which develops a black sooty fungus;
  • pear mites, wintering in the old bark. With the onset of heat mites move to the young leaves and feed on its juices;


  • microscopic gall mites overwintering in the buds and feed on leaf juice;
  • weevils – pests of pear, gnaw tunnels in the pulp and eat the seeds;
  • the aporia Crataegi, chews the greens and flowers, leaving bare branches; winters in dry leaves, making the nest;
  • leafrollers are small voracious caterpillars, which damage the leaves. At pupation the caterpillar wrapped in leaves, making them the tube;
  • pear moth butterfly, the caterpillars of which feed on the pulp of the fruit;
  • leaf and fruit Midge – small gnats, whose larvae feed on the juices of the green part of the tree and the fruit. Fruit Midge choose a place of residence seeds in the ovaries. As a result, the fruits are deformed and shrink.

To control insect pests of fruit plantings several times a season is treated with chemicals. Processing is performed in the spring when the swelling buds, then flower buds unblown. When start up the fruits spend another spraying.

Do not use chemicals during flowering and before harvest. As a preventive means, scaring away pests, you can use infusions of tobacco, garlic, wormwood, dandelion root, solution

Pests of pear


Pests of pear and other fruit plantations do not allow gardeners to relax in spring, summer or fall. At the beginning of vegetation period it is necessary to do preventive spraying of trees, using infusions and decoctions.

In the summer, to fight the invasion of insects by chemicals. In the fall you need to clean the garden of fallen leaves, which serves as a refuge for overwintering larvae. You also need to dig up the tree trunks circles, as the larvae of many pests overwinter in the upper layer of the earth.

Carrying out all these activities, of course, completely eliminates pests, but greatly reduces their number, which positively affects the quality and quantity of the crop.

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