Pests of onion (onion fly)

pests of onion (onion fly)

The most dangerous pests of onions are the larvae of the onion fly.

In one season they may be two generations that are able to cause tremendous harm to your crop or destroy it completely.

First at the beginning, mid-June and the second in late July to early August.

Onion fly produces eggs on the surface of the bulbs or in the soil near the plants. While developing , the larvae of this pest being introduced into the lower half of the bulb at the exit of the root system.

After the occurrence of such residents of the onion leaves begin to turn yellow and dry up, and the bulb begins to rot.

Many gardeners fans can not immediately determine the cause of what is happening with the bow. When the yellowing leaves begin watering the plants and to make the feed, but nothing helps.

To find out why, you need to carefully extract from the soil one bulb (just like you feel bad), and to explore. If pests are present in Luca, you’ll immediately see.

After establishing the cause immediately the question arises: «how to deal with onion fly?» Full getting rid of this pest of onion can be guaranteed only under the cultivation of onions.

  • To carry out the rotation of summer crops in the garden, with the rules of agricultural machinery. (you can not grow onions on the same place for 2 consecutive seasons).
  • For planting use only healthy planting material, carefully selected.
  • Not to delay the planting of onion and hold it in the earlier period of the spring.
  • Apply mixed planting of vegetables. Many garden plants and vegetables can protect each other from pests. For example, planting onions with carrots in the same bed alternating rows, you protect them from pests. Onion fly is afraid of the smell of carrots, but carrot’t stand the smell of onions.
  • Regularly loosening the soil around the plants, and periodically (1 every 2 weeks) to carry out dusting the bulbs of tobacco dust and lime. (the mixture is prepared 1:1).
  • Also undertake irrigation of culture solution of sodium chloride (200 g per 10 liters of water). The first watering is carried out when reaching feather 5 cm, and subsequent every 3 weeks. Pour solution carefully, so as not to get on the green feathers bow. After this procedure, should be watered with clean water.

The sixth point is highly desirable to apply only in cases of emergency, even if compliance with paragraphs 1-5, except 6, will help you to get rid of the pest of onion (onion fly).

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