Pests of fruit trees and their control

Pests of fruit trees

Any gardener dreams of a garden was his pride.

But if it is wrong to care for the garden and do not treat trees, then you can get a lot of problems.

In this article we will talk about what is in the garden pests of fruit trees and what can be done to destroy them to get the maximum yield.


Goose. Little bug red with a light gold color, grows to 6 mm. he Lives on Apple, pear, and quince.

He spends the winter under the bark, not removed in the fall leaves and debris. And korecki for the winter buried in the ground.

Wake up in early spring and undertake to consume that are just starting to blossom, wood chips, leaves, and ovaries. Eggs are laid in the buds and then gnaw the stalk.

To combat this beetle uses conventional dust at the rate of 0.6 kg per 100 liters of water. The obtained liquid sprayed fruit trees at the time of disclosure of the kidney and is continued until the separation of buds.

Aphids. The appearance of aphids on the tree can be seen in scrutinise young leaves. There is stunting of the shoots, and the sticky dew on the leaves.

For the destruction of aphids using the drug «Thiacloprid». Repeat the process if necessary.

Apple butterfly. The most insidious enemy of pear and Apple trees. Living in the middle of the fetus and can cause 90% damage.

Conducts hibernation under the bark of the tree and also in storage of the crop. Spring is pupation and after a short period, there are butterflies that are laying eggs on fruit, shoots and leaves.

Method of destroying pests of trees similar to the previous one. It is important during the summer to spend at least four sprayings.

After the first flowering, the second after a couple of weeks. The next two in the middle of summer and two weeks later. You can also use pyrethrins. They treated the fruit in mid-summer and again three weeks later.

Plum moth. Caterpillar makes in the sink moves and leaves it waste. As a result, the fruits begin to rot and eventually fall off along with the caterpillars inside. The pest lives in the bark of a tree.

Method of controlling the same as in the previous cases.

Plum Sawfly. On the surface there is a hole with sticky black waste of life bug. Damaged fruit does not have time to develop and fall to the ground.

Methods of combating pests of fruit are thorough loosening and digging the soil around the tree.

Also, before the flowering of the Sawfly need to shake. Trees can be selectively sprayed for the first time in the period of porozumenia and the opening of buds, the second time after flowering.

Use karbofos (in a bucket of water 75 gr.) or «Remicourt» in a bucket of water 10 gr.

Scale. It mainly lives on the apricot, plum, pear and Apple trees. With a large number of their branches begin to wither. Hibernation takes place under the bark.

Used to control emulsion «Carbolineum». Sprayed trees before blooming chips.

Pests of fruit trees and their control

The bark beetle. In the winter sleeping under tree bark, and with the onset of spring they pupate.

Females grind the bark and lay eggs. Damaged tree starts to fade and if you do not conduct spraying, be sure to die.

But if the pest of fruit trees are not all dead, are sprayed after flowering.

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