Pests of coniferous plants and their control

Pests of conifers

Sometimes with our favorite crop happens because of the appearance of fungal diseases, invasions of pests of coniferous or other misfortune.

And can hurt even a perfectly strong and healthy plants.

To avoid this, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures to identify the reasons for the defeat, and to proceed immediately to the main methods of struggle.

Control of pests of coniferous plants

The appearance of mozhzhevelnikovye raspberry cane moth can detect damage to the tissues of the shoots of the tree. At the stage of development of the mole to eat out most of the interior shoots of the «common juniper,» and a variety of decorative forms.

To get rid of larvae and adult pests, you need to remove all the spider nests on the culture, and be sure to treat the plant with 0.2% solution of Malathion.

Juniper aphids are also dangerous to young shoots. If adult plants when mass destruction can still be saved, the young culture, unfortunately doomed.

Aphids can be detected by the appearance of juniper: its stems are twisted and bent, and the growth and development stop.

To deal with pest can be a drug «Fitoverm», it is also important as preventive measures carried out annually spring processing plant.

Another dangerous pest of coniferous juniper scale. She settled on many plants, including arborvitae and yew.

To understand that plants attacked this pest, it is possible deformation and shrinkage of the shoots and death of bark.

Definitely need to inspect the cones. They can find the pest in the form of elongated or rounded flaps. To combat scale insects is possible with drugs «Futafan» and «Actellic».

Cause yellowing and dropping of needles on arborvitae, thuja may be aphids. To identify this pest of coniferous plants, enough to see the bottom side of branches, where they usually gather in large numbers.

Most often, the aphids are grayish brown and covered with a waxy dust silver color. For getting rid of the pest, the trees treated with «Vitafarma».

The owners of pine or mountain, may be faced with pine Hermes. Discover it on a white plaque on the needles, while it is considerably shortened. To deal with this pine pest better «Actellic».

On the ate can detect ordinary spruce Sawfly, pine needles on the affected plant looks burnt.

False-the caterpillar is grass green in color, and get rid of it upon learning the trees «Actellic», Potatodom» or «Spark».

Diseases of coniferous trees

In addition to the pests of pine plantations may threaten various viral and fungal diseases. The most dangerous and common disease is considered sclerotherapy cancer.

It affects the kidneys, twigs and pine needles. To happen slow death. The kidneys stop growing, needles becomes reddish-brown and dries up. In summer, the tables appear smootchie ulcers.

The disease can be overcome by sprinkling the trees with drugs «Abiga Peak», «Hom» and «Bordeaux mixture».

Use for planting only healthy seedlings, which are not pests, and try to follow the rules of agronomy and preventive measures.

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