Pests of cabbage and methods of dealing with them

pests cabbage

Cabbage butterfly-girl.

The butterflies themselves do not harm the vegetable.

But they lay many eggs on the leaves of plants from which caterpillars appear green and turn its leaves into a solid mesh.

Over the summer, this turnover occurs at least three times.

For the destruction of pests of cabbage, use infusions of insecticidal plants.

A hundred grams of dry mustard infuse in hot water (9 litres) and dilute with cold water one by one.

Cloudy evening to make the cabbage spraying the resulting solution. You can just from time to time push hands eggs and caterpillars, and that too quite effectively.

About the same can be dealt with by the white turnip, which lays one egg, too, develops in two or three generations and causes rotting of head.

Pupae repnoe butterflies spend the winter on the remains of the vegetable, fences, dry branches, poles. Can be watered a couple times per season with a solution of entobacterin (55 grams per bucket of water).

Diamondback moth – brings the largest loss in dry years. This pest in the caterpillar phase of development it eats not only the leaves, but the Bud (growth point) of the plant.


In seed plants like canola or turnips caterpillars eat flower petals and immature seeds. Moths of this pest are small, brown-grey.

They are active nocturnal and then lay three eggs in a cabbage leaf. Methods of struggle are the same as in the previous two cases.

Scoop the cabbage is too moth with dark brown wings. Dolls she red that overwinter in the ground.

This pest corrupts to seventy types of vegetables! Young caterpillars gnaw through scoops in the leaves a small hole.

And adults bite into the head and gnaws it moves, leaving their droppings. To combat cabbage cutworms should be loosening and weeding the cabbage. As well as conventional means like with white and moth-eaten.

Cabbage aphids – at least harmful insects than other species. Aphid pulls all the juice out

Kapustina popeline

cabbage leaves, the leaves shrivel, wither, and cabbages fail to grow and develop.

The particular harm it can bring to the plant during hot summer. Overwintering takes place usually in the cabbages, vegetable and plant residues.

Methods of control of this pest in cabbage is simple: destroy the remaining stalks with the leaves after harvest, to weed, to plant the seed of cruciferous away from the cabbage plant around cabbage, tomatoes, water the plants with a solution of soap, extracts of garlic or onion skins Malathion ten percent.

Cabbage fly damage is mainly the roots of plants. Leaves become blue-gray color. Spring cabbage fly is gray and summer yellow.

For prevention, it is desirable to plant the seedlings in the peat pots, planted early enough to do early feeding and watering.

To deter larvae of flies, the soil around the seedlings sprinkled with lime-pushonkoj. Rapeseed Sawfly is an insect red-yellow. But the special damage is caused by its larvae.

They eat cabbage leaves and thus spoil the heads of cabbage. Also pupae winter in the ground in cocoons. As one of methods of struggle, the variant deep autumn plowing of the site and the complete removal of all weeds.

As the sprayer use entobacterin, or extracts of the decoction of the tops of the tomatoes. You can take 50g of dried tomato leaves and pour over them 500ml. warm water.

After 3-4 hours, filter the solution and bring to volume of 1 liter. The cooked composition to spray the flowers.

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